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11.2020 Group Briefing

Taichung city officially launched Etag to deduct roadside parking fee

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection / Lai Jianwei
        Following Shuangbei, Kaohsiung and Taoyuan, Taichung City has officially opened up to use Etag to deduct roadside parking fees since October 13, while Tainan City will open its service before the end of the year, when Liudu is expected to be in place. At present, Etag has accumulated more than 1.3 million times of on-the-spot parking within one year, ranking among the top three collection channels and deeply loved by users.

        Etag smart parking is a convenient service that combines the most important driving matters of the public with digital technology and trends. With one account, citizens can manage national highway tolls and parking fees at the same time. Parking can also accumulate points to exchange tolls, saving time and money.

        In addition to making progress in parking on the roadside, parking off Etag road has also made great achievements. Not only has the number of members exceeded 500000, but the number of service sessions has officially exceeded 400. In order to thank passers-by, Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection has launched three great gifts, including: parking can accumulate happy go points; logging in to the utago app can give you ten thousand yuan of in car chattel theft insurance; Etag automatic stored value users go to the designated parking lot and scan the code to apply for smart parking. Before November 15, up to the maximum, you can enjoy the same day and current parking free.

        In addition, as long as the user of Etag has been pasted on the car, through one of the five co branded banks, namely "Far Eastern International Bank, Cathay Pacific, Taishin International Bank, E.Sun bank or CITIC", they can use utago App, or go to the bank's website to quickly apply for Etag smart parking service. After using the credit card to automatically deduct the parking fee, you don't need to hold a ticket to the supermarket to pay for it. You can also make good use of the accumulated happy go points to exchange for national highway tolls.

        Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection hopes to invite all high-quality parking operators from Taiwan to join the Etag parking ecosystem to provide members with a pleasant parking experience.

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