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11.2020 Welfare

Information fee for iPhone 12 is released!Experience the top speed of iphone 12 by FET.

Far EasTone telecommunication / Lin Mengxuan
        Apple's first high-profile 5g mobile phone iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro officially went on sale in Taiwan on October 23.

        Far EasTone telecommunication announced on October 15 the super preferential information fee, with the "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g solution", the monthly payment is 1399 yuan, the iPhone 12 (128G) is only 0 yuan, and the iPhone 12 pro (128G) is only 6300 yuan! In addition to enjoying 5g online, free "double full" discount, both off-line and local calls are free for 110 minutes! In addition, in order to thank the enthusiasm of fruit powder, far EasTone telecommunication offers a number of exclusive offers: "old customers can renew their contracts free of advance payment of RMB 10000, with a maximum discount of RMB 5000", "send three major 5g innovative services", "free experience of icloud for three months for the first time", "apply for mobile device insurance and send 100 yuan shopping money to app store" to help fruit powder start 5g new life immediately!

        Regular customers of far EasTone telecommunication enjoy a discount of up to RMB 5000 for renewal

        With Friday co branded card, you can enjoy 3% + 2% cash return and mobile device insurance monthly rent

        Far EasTone telecommunication is the best way to return home! Regular customers who renew their iPhone 12 are free to pay 10000 yuan in advance, with a maximum discount of 5, With the far EasTone telecommunication Friday co branded card, you can get 2% bonus for purchasing the machine when you check out, and you can get 3% of the refund every month when you apply for the co branded card to pay the bill on behalf of you. In addition to the discount of the monthly rental fee for two months after applying for and first brush off the mobile device insurance before November 30, you can enjoy 24 installment zero interest rate for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro by the end of the year. The most cost-effective way to buy iPhone 12 from far EasTone telecommunication!

        Send three 5g innovative services to enjoy new entertainment experience

        Far EasTone telecommunications sincerely presents an exclusive gift of more than 10000 yuan. The purchase of the machine is accompanied by the "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g solution" with an information fee of more than 1399 yuan. The far EasTone telecommunication Friday VR and far EasTone telecommunication are presented exclusively Friday video and audio "star multi perspective" and "4K movie drama" three 5g digital entertainment services, world-class team produced VR film < walk with God >!

        The first subscription to icloud now enjoy three months of free experience of 50g mobile device insurance and 100 yuan of shopping money for app store

        Celebrate the launch of iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 pro. Users who have not ordered icloud storage space can apply for new iPhone 12 by far EasTone telecommunication, that is to say, they can use 50GB icloud space for free for three months, and feel the good service of fruit powder promotion! In addition, you can apply for mobile device insurance, and you can get 100 yuan of shopping money in the app store when you log in, so that you can enjoy 5g video and games with your new machine!

        Note: for details of the above activities, please contact far EasTone telecommunications outlets.

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