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12.2020 Group Briefing

FET FriDay's cloud game is on the market. Play at anytime and anywhere.

Far EasTone telecommunication / Chen Xinsheng
        Far EasTone telecommunication announced on November 3 that it would cooperate with ubitus cloud game company, a Japanese company which started from Taiwan to enter the world again, to launch far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud game, the sixth highlight service of far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g. By virtue of the 5g network advantages of far EasTone telecommunication, the computing tasks of the game are transferred to the cloud, and then the images are transmitted to the device. Therefore, it is possible to play high-level games on mobile phones without using high-quality terminal devices, providing Taiwan Esport players and enthusiasts with more diversified and innovative choices.

        Far EasTone telecommunication creates 5g entertainment first class experience and cultivates cloud game market

        Far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud game contains 50 games, including two exclusive 3A level masterpieces. The content of the game will gradually increase to 100 within a year. In addition to the content, it also provides a monthly rent scheme with ultra-high CP value, which solves the pain points of users using cloud games at one stroke, and sets a high standard for the cloud game market!

        Far EasTone telecommunications Chee Ching president said: "since the launch of" far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g ", whether it is the enthusiasm of network construction, the 5g services launched, the quality and speed of the network, it has been highly praised by the market. Cloud game is an important indicator service of "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g". Therefore, far EasTone telecommunication carefully selects partners and cooperates with "the light of new generation Taiwan - Uberta" to launch far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud game, so that consumers can get rid of the restrictions of high unit price terminal devices and game movies, and greatly reduce Esport The threshold of the game is also closer to the daily game of modern players. Far EasTone telecommunication's network quality is leading, which can provide players with an excellent game experience. This is also in line with the promise made by far EasTone telecommunication that the 5g service for consumers will be "good, full and diversified". "

        5g era of game evolution! Far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud game continues to update, the game knows how to love "play"!

        Far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud games will continue to update high-quality game categories and content. It is estimated that there will be 100 games and 6 3A level masterpieces in one year. Far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud game subverts the past consumer's habit of playing host games. By jumping off the time, ground and host device restrictions, users can enjoy the best game experience anytime and anywhere through mobile phones and tablet computers. Far EasTone telecommunication also provides the leading industry-leading information fee of monthly rent and food to bring consumers the most affordable entertainment experience.


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