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10.2021 Welfare

Far Eastern International Bank won three awards, showing its professionalism.

Far eastern apparel / Wang Jiahui
        In line with the new life of epidemic prevention, the new co Lab of Far Eastern group cooperates with far eastern apparel of Far Eastern Group to design and develop "active high-performance retractable protective clothing", which caters to modern people's commuting, leisure, business, epidemic prevention and other life functions, and carefully designs "retractable back bag", "detachable mask" and "protective helmet widening safety design", Care for consumer needs. The protective clothing emphasizes the functions of water and dirt resistance, wind and droplet resistance and UVA / UVB resistance. At the same time, it has passed the SGS certification tests of water and permeability resistance and water pressure resistance, and passed the ASTM d737 winproof air permeability test, shrinkage, color fastness and pilling test. The materials and fabrics are strictly selected and the quality is controlled. The feedback price is NT $999 / piece.

        In addition to protective jackets, far eastern apparel has also recently launched "6-color macarone sweetheart pants" with dry, breathable, moisture absorption and sweat wicking and skin friendly fabrics, which provide consumers with new choices for frequent changing and health protection during epidemic prevention in summer, as well as a series of high-quality antibacterial bedding and antibacterial underwear. Consumers who pay attention to the quality of life are welcome to appreciate and purchase.

        New choices for Protective Life:


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