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02.2022 Welfare

The most powerful discount at the end of the year! Far EasTone telecommunications launches copper price for home broadband

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan
        Far EasTone telecommunications is a home broadband super province with a monthly payment of 479 yuan and a minimum price of less than 20 yuan per day. You can enjoy high-speed Internet access from 120m optical fiber, plus up to 2000 far EasTone telecommunications coins, Philips black crystal furnace, tp link camera two-piece group and other gifts. In addition, you can watch Friday videos for free for the first three months, Let you and your relatives and friends reunite at home for the new year, no matter chasing dramas or watching concerts, the Internet is super smooth.

        In addition to the demand of home network, it is a good time for shopping and gift giving. From now on, apply for the 4G monthly payment 499 three satiety scheme in the online store. You can enjoy the satiety of eating online (21mbps), talking about satiety online, and give up to 1200 far EasTone telecommunication coins for you to buy satiety online. Moreover, before January 14, 2022, apply for 5g single door number / far EasTone telecommunication coin scheme in far EasTone telecommunication stores and online stores in Taiwan. You can enjoy 5g Biao net from 599 yuan per month, and add 666 far EasTone telecommunication coins within a limited time. Consumers can go shopping at Friday and enjoy 7% far EasTone telecommunication coin feedback, Buy more and earn more, all the way "6" to next year. Exclusive strong offer at the end of the year, don't miss it! Far EasTone telecommunications network outlet:


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