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02.2022 Welfare

Asia49 Asian cuisine and lounge launched the "iron pot muffin warm heart delicious" activity

Mega50 catering and banquet / Yan Huiyuan
378E3000        From now on until the end of February, "asia49 Asian cuisine and lounge" will launch six new "iron pot muffins" every day from 14:00 to 17:00. They are soft, warm, sweet and salty, adding a warmth to the cold and chilly spring season. Each is only NT $280 (subject to 10% service charge). It is most suitable for friends and sisters to get together and punch in. When weather permits, There is also a landscape show in the sunset red sky for you to enjoy! Asia49 reservation line: (02) 7705-9717.

        378E3001        Chef Yang nengpei's iron pan muffin is crispy and airy around, and soft and tender in the middle. It is spread with a large amount of fruit and ice cream and served quickly. The three sweet options are fruit muffins with vanilla ice cream and berry jam, banana marshmallow muffins with chocolate ice cream and chocolate jam, and caramel apple muffins with strawberry ice cream and toffee sauce. All the materials are fresh and ready to make. The muffins are eaten warm, but they have the contrast taste of ice and fire, which is very charming!

        As for the other three salty muffins, they all add Nanyang elements, such as beating and throwing pig fresh vegetable salad muffin with Thai hot and sour sauce and charcoal roast chicken breast salad muffin with sugar pickled lemon. The former shows a strong Thai style, while the latter first lets the chicken be pickled with Citronella, lemon... And other comprehensive spices. After roasting and slicing, it is accompanied by sugar pickled lemon slices pickled for three days, which is not greasy; As for lemongrass, Latin American beef with bacon muffin and cheese sauce, it is based on the formula of Mexican taco cake. The ground beef is fried with garlic and pepper, and then given a fuller flavor with lemongrass, lemon leaves and coconut sugar. It is combined with French fries, fried bacon and yogurt. It has more flavor and stirs up the taste buds!

        With the theme of muffins, the restaurant's beverage team has also designed four perfect matching drinks. You can enjoy a half price discount by clicking muffins. The options include "guava of Formosa" (ice / NT $250) with red heart guava and asparagus juice as the protagonist, and black forest berry fruit tea (hot / NT $150) with orange, peach and dried red berries, And toffee latte (ice, hot / NT $180) and Thai milk tea (ice, hot / NT $180) made of authentic hand marked black tea.


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