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02.2022 Welfare

Sogo Taipei store Fuhu welcomes the new year at the end of spring

Fe SOGO Department Stores Taipei / Zhang Wenling
        From January 19 to February 6, Fe SOGO Department Stores Taipei store held "Fuhu Yingchun end of the year welcome sales", and jointly launched "Fuhu Yingchun brush good health" with 11 major banks, with a maximum of 8% feedback. Not only that, brush Cathay Pacific Shihua cube card and enjoy 4% feedback, up to 12%. Come to SOGO Department store after a good Spring Festival.

        In addition to the super high feedback, the three pavilions of Fe SOGO Department stores in Taipei also offered a full amount of sincere consumption gifts. For the loyalty and filial piety Museum, one "multi-functional folding storage box" will be given to anyone who spends more than 1000 yuan from January 19 to 21 (limited to 5000 until they are delivered); From January 25 to 26, SOGO app members will give a set of "Fujitsu dentong handheld steam hanging ironing machine" (limited to 3000 until it is delivered).

        From January 19 to 21, the Fuxing Pavilion will give one "enjoy life warm heart ceramic constant temperature Coaster Set" (limited to 5200 until it is delivered) with a cumulative consumption of more than 1000 yuan on that day; From January 27 to 28, if the accumulated consumption on that day is over 1000 yuan, give a "warm bear warm hand treasure" (limited to 2000 until it is delivered).

        From January 19 to 21, Dunhua Pavilion will give a "pink cute bear hanging towel" (limited to 800 until it is delivered) with a total consumption of more than 1000 yuan on that day. From January 27 to January 28, SOGO app members who spend more than 1000 yuan in total on that day will give a bottle of "300 ml of hopeyard Eucalyptus hand sanitizer" (limited to 400 bottles until they are delivered).

        The highlight of the department store's Spring Festival every year must be a blessing bag of value for money! Since the beginning of the Chinese new year on February 1, we have selected all kinds of blessing bags. When you buy blessing bags, you can also participate in "Jinxi guale". The first prize of the first day of the first day is limited to "tiger diamond pure gold ornaments for consecutive years (0.31 Liang)". Multiple Haokang allows you to walk with blessing tiger in 2022 and blessing bags for the whole year!


        Cooperating banks: Cathay Pacific Shihua, Far Eastern International Bank, China Trust Bank, Citibank, E.Sun bank, Taishin International Bank, Fubon Bank, Development Bank of Singapore, federal bank, Yongfeng bank and Shin Kong bank.

        For detailed activity information, please contact Fe SOGO Department Stores Taipei store.


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