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06.2022 Group Briefing

Far eastern big city shopping malls supports local agricultural and fishery specialties

Far eastern big city shopping malls / liuxinyou
        Far eastern big city shopping malls, together with the agriculture and food department, the Fisheries Department, the fishery carnival, the fish shopping center, and the nongliang direct sale center, held the "three nets entity celebration" on April 16 and 17. They invited breeding youth, fishing clubs, and farms all over Taiwan to sell all kinds of fresh catch aquatic products and special agricultural products. They also launched a limited time surprise blessing bag with a market value of more than 1000 yuan. Consumers can add red packets of vegetables and For exquisite food materials and kitchenware such as gas frying pan, the market voucher will be given when the consumption is full. Children's street dance and fresh guitar playing and singing performances will be arranged in the event, attracting many enthusiastic people to participate in the grand event.

        In order to celebrate the May Day holiday, the final session will be held on April 30, so that people can easily buy Taiwan's high-quality characteristic agricultural products and return home with a full load.


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