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06.2022 Group Briefing

FEDS Kaohsiung joins hands with Sapporo Drugstore to care for the underprivileged groups

Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores / Zheng Minhui

        Sapporo Drugstore from Hokkaido, Japan, officially opened at the Far Eastern Department stores in Kaohsiung in April, and jointly held "warm care · hand in hand to send love" on April 25, donating pandemic prevention materials and daily necessities worth more than NTD 500,000 to underprivileged families. The donated materials include 8000 pieces of medical masks, 300 cans of formula milk powder, 200 bottles of shampoo and shower gel, 200 bottles of oral spray and 800 toys. The social Bureau of Kaohsiung Municipal government issued a certificate of appreciation.

        Huang, Youcheng, manager of Far Eastern Department stores in Kaohsiung, said that Sapporo Drugstore from Hokkaido, Japan, is a must visit cosmetics store in Hokkaido. At present, there are more than 200 stores in Japan. Sapporo Drugstore is located in the branch of Far Eastern Department stores in Kaohsiung contains about 90% of the goods come from Japan. In addition to medicine and health product, Sapporo Drugstore also displays and sells popular cosmetics and daily necessities synchronized with Japan. The public welfare donation activity of "warm heart care and hand in hand to send love" hosted by Sapporo Drugstore has received enthusiastic response from many manufacturers. All materials will be provided to families cared for by the social Bureau of Kaohsiung Municipal government, so that people in need can receive lots of love and warmth.



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