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07.2022 Welfare

A. Mart mass merchandisers join hands with two temples in Taiwan to facilitate people's Ghost Festival prayer

A. Mart / huangliqi
        In 2021, a.mart mass merchandising pioneered the "Valet Purdue to home" service, creating a business opportunity of Zhongyuan 2.0. This year, it launched Zhongyuan safe boxes in cooperation with Taiwan's two major Temple Temples "baishatun mother" and "Lugang Tin Hau Temple". From now on to July 31, it opened pre orders in physical stores, a.mart online shopping and line group shopping communities of various stores, with the price of ntd799. Among them, the "temple Zanpu blessing box" in baishatun and the "qingzan Zhongyuan planting blessing box" in the Tianhou palace in Lugang provide the service of delivering gifts to the Pudu venue. After praying, they can help the house to get home or donate to public welfare organizations. People are welcome to make more use of it.

        This year, a.mart mass merchandising exclusively cooperates with baishatun Ma to launch two combination boxes, "buy home easy to worship peace box" and "Gongmiao Zanpu blessing box". The former is priced at ntd799, limited to 2000 boxes, including 11 offerings and an exclusive baishatun Ma's safe Prayer Card, and a special transparent windowed box. The offerings are placed neatly in advance and can be placed on the table when taken home; As for the "baishatun Ma Temple Zanpu blessing box", the price is ntd999, including Zanpu Dharma Association and home delivery services, sesame oil money, and handwritten Pudu flags. After pre ordering, it will be sent to the temple for consumers, and then delivered home after the Dharma Assembly ceremony.

        In addition, this year, a.mart mass merchandising once again cooperated with Lugang Tianhou palace to provide Ghost Festival temple Zanpu service, and launched the "qingzan Zhongyuan planting blessing box" with a price of ntd1200, which contains 12 offerings, as well as Mazu's stove pass plus clean body grooming bag, safe symbol and anti haze PM2.5 upright mask to protect peace, so that consumers can choose the most suitable way of praying for themselves.

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