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1.get down to business(進入主題)

Good morning everyone. Looks like everyone’s settled in. Lets’ get down to business, shall we?(大家早安。大家似乎都就定位了, 那我們就開始進入正題吧!)

2.on the same page(彼此獲得一致的訊息)

Are we all on the same page regarding this upcoming event? If so, let’s move on to the next topic.(關於這個即將到來的活動,我們都達成共識了嗎?若是如此,我們就進入下一個主題。)

3.just to make sure/ just so(很快確認一下)

Before we move on to the next topic, I just want to make sure that I understand you correctly. You’re saying…(在我們進入下一個主題之前,我想要確認您的說法。您是說……)

4.game plan(計畫)

This is a brilliant idea. I believe what we need is a proper game plan for this proposal.(這個想法很棒。我想,我們需要制定一個適當的計畫來執行這個方案。)

5.to get it off the ground(實施計畫)

As far as the game plan goes, we need to work hand in hand in order to get it off the ground.(一旦這個方案開始執行,我們需要合作完成計畫。)

6.get right on it (馬上著手開始)

Brilliant! It’s all set. We’ll get right on it.(太好了,一切都就緒了,那我們馬上著手開始。)

7.…with ____on that …(同意…某件事觀點)

With respect to plan X, I’m with you on that.(關於X計畫,我同意您的做法/想法。)



Mark and Sabrina are in an internal business meeting…(Mark和Sabrina正在進行內部會議)

Sabrina:Looks like everyone is settled in. Let’s get down to business. Just to make sure that we are on the same page  regarding the new product launch?(看來大家都準備好了,那我們開始進入主題。快速確認一下,關於新產品上市,大家都達成共識了?)

Mark:Thank you Sabrina. We will get right on that. Speaking of which, we are planning to hold the first press conference and launching event in 2 months. Do you have any thoughts on that?(謝謝 Sabrina ,我們馬上開始著手進行。提到新產品上市,我們計畫在兩個月後舉行第一次的記者會和產品上市的發表會。關於這部份,你們有任何想法嗎?)

Sabrina:We really like the sound of that. We need a game plan to get it off the ground.(聽起來很棒,我們需要制定一個計畫來實踐它。)

Mark:I’m with you on that and working on it. We sent you the updated project executive plan last Wednesday and we’ll walk you through the details later. A rundown for the upcoming press conference will be provided by Friday.(我同意您的說法。上週三已將更新的執行企劃書寄給您,細節稍後與您逐一確認。記者會的流程將會在週五前提供。)

Sabrina:I hear you. That’s a really good idea. But is it possible to hold the press conference next month instead of in two months time? (我了解,那真是個好主意。但記者會有沒有可能提早在下個月舉行,而非兩個月後?)

Mark:We’re getting right on that. However, we’re all swamped this season. We might have to delay it for a month in order to ensure that it unfolds smoothly.(我們正在著手進行,但是這一季真的好忙。我們可能需要一個月的時間來準備,以利新產品上市能順利進行。)

Sabrina:I see your point now. Let’s get them all ready for this.(我理解了,讓我們一起來好好準備吧!)

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