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遠東集團     The Latest Issue:2020-9-14

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Technological Innovation Global Exposure from Taiwan

   Far Eastern Group has operation for decades in Taiwan. Starting from the daily essential necessity industry in textile, gradually expanding into diversified businesses and be the industry leaders in these sectors that consist of food, clothing, residence, transportation, education, and recreation. The Group has also been dedicating to corporate social responsibilities and promoting various non-profit events, among which “Y. Z. Hsu Science Award” sponsored by the Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science & Technology Memorial Foundation has already become the highest honor to recognize Taiwan’s scientific research talents.

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Weekly News

Far EasTone telecommunication and Asia Pacific Telecom common frequency common network

  Telex and Asia Pacific Telecom announced on September 4 that in response to government policies, the two sides will jointly promote the maximization of network and spectrum resources and safeguard the interests of consumers. Telex will cooperate with Asia Pacific Telecom in the 3.5G band (80MHz). Asia Pacific Telecom will share two ninths of the cost of the 3.5g-band common frequency network, and the spectrum cost will be NT $9.473 billion, so as to obtain the right to use two-thirds of the network capacity of the remote 3.5G band in 20 years.

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Far eastern big city shopping malls wins Asia's best employer award in 2020

  The Far East big city shopping malls shopping mall in the Far East has won the international recognition and set up the first place again. It was sponsored by the authoritative Asian Human Resources Journal "HR Asia" to select the "Asia best enterprise employer award 2020" Through the prudent and rigorous comprehensive evaluation mode, the company excelled in the employee engagement questionnaire and the appraisal indicators of the jury, and stood out from the 168 participating enterprises and won the award for the first time.

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Banqiao Far Eastern Department store joins hands with Changhua county government to promote "New Taipei"

  In cooperation with the Changhua County Government and the New Taipei municipal government, Banqiao dayuanbai held a joint exhibition and sales fair of "Changhua superior grain forward new Taipei" domestic coarse cereals and "New Taipei delicious Tongle Hui" at Venice Square, 9th floor, Banqiao dayuanbai, mega city from September 5 to September 6.

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Weekly Event

How to avoid traffic jam during National Day holiday? Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan gives you another choice

  Shangri la Tainan far east hotel has launched the "National Day housing project", which guarantees to stay in high-rise buildings with large window view during the three-day and two-night holiday. Facing the National Day fireworks and buran areas, Yuguang island and Anping fishing port area, the Limited God level party combination and selected red wine are presented to Tainan historic sites. You can enjoy the day after day gift without traffic jam. The minimum per room is 5500 yuan per night! You can also get an additional 500 yuan of Far East caf & eacute; self service catering allowance if you pay the room price with the Comfort Travel subsidy or the physical revitalization coupon. Room reservation line, please contact: (06) 702-8899.

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Mid Autumn Festival gift points use new ideas! Happy go will enjoy 75% discount with mooncake manufacturers

  Are you still worrying about giving gifts to the Mid Autumn Festival? In order to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, happy go will join hands with Isabel / Huanglou and other moon cake manufacturers to push for the purchase of moon cakes. As long as the happy go points are 1 point, 75% discount can be used to bring home many flavors of moon cakes. During the activity, 1000 points of happy go points can be drawn to let card friends send gifts to express their feelings and not hurt their pockets.

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Editor's pick

Office Talk:Five questions and answers to understand the new policy of monthly payment of pension implemented in July

     The new system has officially expired for 15 years since it was launched on July 1, 2005. At present, 11.8 million workers have joined the new system. It is estimated that 67000 workers with the new system will be eligible for "monthly retirement" or "one-time payment". In this issue, we will take you to review the relevant provisions and rights and interests of the new system.

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「Life Column」:The magic recipe helps to make barbecue healthy.
「Life Column 」:Seven steps make it easy for you to apply for housing mortgage
Editor's Words

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of Oct topic: Are You a Fans? 

  In the era of digital convergence, we believe that we have been used to looking for information through various community platforms. When we meet interested objects or communities, we will also "pay attention" or "join fans" to facilitate tracking in the future. Welcome to write to share what fans you have participated in and why you are attracted. Within 300 words, far eastern magazine will offer you a "love to share" bonus! (deadline: before Sep 15)


Winners List of No.360 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

裕民航運 鄭○羽/鼎鼎聯合行銷  黃○琳/元智大學  李○瑄/亞東醫院  吳○娉/遠東資源開發  周○瑄/江西亞東水泥  曹○/亞東醫院  黃○瑜/遠東新世紀  周○伶/亞東技術學院  張○珍/遠傳電信  楊○晴/遠東新世紀  周○鈞/遠鑫電子票證  陳○蘋/遠傳電信  許○豪/遠東新研發中心  鄭○卉/亞證台中公司  江○慧。

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