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09.2020 Honor

Big City won "BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR IN ASIA" in 2020, being the only winner among the department store industry.

Far eastern big city shopping malls / Jiang Ziyi

        Big city far eastern big city shopping malls won international recognition and set the first place again. It was sponsored by the Asian authoritative Human Resources Journal "HR Asia" to select "HR Asia best companies to work for in Asia" and "Far Eastern big city shopping malls" Through the prudent and rigorous comprehensive evaluation mode, the company excelled in the employee engagement questionnaire and the appraisal indicators of the jury, and stood out from the 168 participating enterprises and won the award for the first time.

        Since the opening of Far Eastern big city shopping malls, its excellent operation and management performance has been highly recognized. During the epidemic period, large-scale refitting was still carried out according to the original plan. After the opening of the new cabinets in June and July, it was accompanied by the "triple coupons for revitalization" and the exclusive "Far Eastern big city shopping malls" During the summer vacation, the company paid a high growth rate of 18% over the same period last year, ranking first in the industry. Li Jingfang chairman said: "this award is the result of Far Eastern big city shopping malls' long-term emphasis on talent training and career development of employees, uniting the centripetal force of manufacturers and employees to create a happy and safe workplace. I sincerely appreciate the recognition of hard power and warm power of Far Eastern big city shopping malls from all walks of life. "

        The Asia best employer award, which covers 12 countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, is one of the most authoritative indicators in the field of human resource management in the Asia Pacific region. Far eastern big city shopping malls listens attentively to the needs of employees and understands their evaluation of the company. It has deeply cultivated five employee identification policies, including "safe and healthy workplace", "equal respect for the environment", "reasonable salary and characteristic welfare", "diversified talent cultivation program" and "public welfare participation in the common prosperity of employees", so as to implement the mission of enterprises to take care of employees and more practice the United Nations In the sdgs of sustainability development, the projects of good health and social welfare, quality education, employment and economic growth have become the only owner of Taiwan department store retailers who won awards in the past three years.

        "Employees are the most important asset and the most critical partner for the sustainable operation of enterprises. In addition to providing diversified training courses to help employees develop their ability to walk with them, they also provide comprehensive health promotion programs for employees. Among them, far eastern big city shopping malls provides comfort yoga courses, cancer prevention lectures, free gynecologic cancer screening, occupational health education for pregnant women, and intimate setting of motorcycle parking spaces for pregnant women. For the department store retail industry with the majority of female colleagues, far eastern big city shopping malls not only has the height of the enterprise, but also has the temperature.

        This year, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is sweeping the world. Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls has deployed ahead of schedule to establish and perfect epidemic prevention measures and rigorous return mechanism, and provide adequate resources for the front-line service staff and logistics staff in the front line, construct a safe and safe working environment, and complete the challenges of all the members of the community, Li Jingfang Chairman Be confident about the fourth quarter.

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