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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2022-05-09

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Create unlimited possibilities Far Eastern New Century Corporation to build sustainable competitiveness

  Far eastern New Century Corporation has long been committed to the balanced development of E (environment), s (Society) and G (Governance) in the sustainable field, paying attention to the opinions of various stakeholders and actively communicating and negotiating. With a complete and sustainable governance structure and a high standard management system, we can continuously maintain our competitive advantage by virtue of steady sustainability development performance when the business environment changes rapidly.

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Weekly News

Far eastern group won the "vision CSR" five awards, and the number of awards is the first in the whole group

  Far east group won five awards in this vision CSR and ESG Corporate Social Responsibility Award, ranking first in the whole Taiwan group. As the parent of the group, chairman Xu Xudong personally attended the award ceremony on May 3 and received the award on behalf of the Far East new century. In addition to winning the "traditional industry model award", the Far East New Century won the "recycling sustainability group - first prize" for "land, sea and air waste recycling and reconstruction technology"; In recent years, Yuanchuan Telecom has actively assisted the government and civil society in digital transformation through 5g big data + AI + IOT technology, so it was awarded the "telecommunications industry - Model Award"; The Far East SOGO Department store, known as the "CSR model student of the department store industry", has not only become the first department store in Taiwan to provide vaccine rewards to employees, but also from the standpoint of consumers, taking full care of the dietary needs under the epidemic, and won the "general service industry - Model Award"; Big city far east big city shopping malls won the "Public Welfare Promotion Group - Model Award" for its excellent implementation of the "community health big value added - building a good health promotion platform for all ages" plan.

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Far eastern group, far EasTone telecommunications and Far Eastern International Bank won the top 5% of the "corporate governance evaluation"

  The Taiwan Stock Exchange recently announced the results of the eighth corporate governance evaluation. Far east new century, Yuanchuan and Far East Commercial Bank stood out among 913 listed companies and were listed in the top 5%; Donglian chemical, far east department store, U-Ming marine transport shipping and Asia Cement under far east group also won the top 6% ~ 20%, and Hongyuan Xingye also won the top 21% ~ 35%. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the bright spot of this year, far east commercial bank entered the top 5% list for the first time, Yuanchuan Telecom has won the top 5% Award for eight consecutive years. At present, only nine enterprises in Taiwan, including Yuanchuan, have achieved this achievement, which is not easy.

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Weekly Event

The electronic transaction receipt of Oriental Securities Corporation makes it easy for you to file tax returns

   May tax season is about to start. Welcome colleagues of the group to use the electronic transaction voucher of Oriental Securities Corporation to declare the comprehensive income tax for 110 years, so they can easily file tax without going out. At the same time, colleagues are also recommended to open securities accounts online and enjoy the fast and convenient digital services of Oriental Securities Corporation. For relevant questions, please contact the customer service center of Oriental Securities Corporation at 0800-088567.Online account opening of Oriental Securities Corporation: https://opact.osc.com.tw/openaccountonline/#/oa/home

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Home food economy: Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La one-stop three meals

  The epidemic is a new generation of food, with good taste of taking home food. The Far East Shangri La Hotel in Taipei takes into account online and physical customers. It not only relaunches the "Shangri La food collection" take out dining car market, but also provides chef lunch boxes, selected delicacies and baked pastries in various restaurants, as well as take out meals for the whole family, so that diners can enjoy five-star delicacies at home. At the same time, the Shangri La style collection, an online store of the Far East Shangri La Hotel in Taipei, has also been newly revised, including all kinds of cakes, takeout delicacies, festival gifts, exclusive goods, etc. it can be done with one finger and accumulate Shangri La membership points. From now on, celebrate the launch of the revision, and members can enjoy a 20% discount on the first purchase! Business hours of take out dining car: 11:00 ~ 13:00 noon; 17:30 ~ 19:00 PM, take out meal reservation Tel. (02) 7700-3155, online store: https://lihi1.com/gpi1G 。

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editor's pick

"Finance Column ":Choose the right high yield stocks to make it easy for you to get year-end profits

   The inflation storm is sweeping the world, and the low interest rate environment also makes deposits less and less valuable. Many people turn to investing in financial products. Among them, "stock" is undoubtedly one of the hottest options. In addition to earning stock price spread, they also have the opportunity to share dividends. This article will explain how to select the appropriate "high yield" stock deposit targets to accumulate wealth for yourself.

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"Far Easterner lecture": mother's Day proposal
"Editor":From co integration to co Prosperity: the sustainable commitment of Far Eastern Group
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of JUN topic:  intimate words for mom

  Mother's Day is coming. What do you want to say to your mother? Have you planned how to comfort your dear mommy? Welcome to write and share your mother's Day proposal. The Far East monthly will provide you with a "filial piety fund" within 300 words! (deadline: before May 15)


Winners List of No.380 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

亞 洲水泥 蕭○傑/亞東技術學院 曾○怡/遠傳電信 劉○妤/遠東商銀 王○華/鼎鼎企管顧問 劉○衛/遠通電收 劉○恒/遠東商銀 戎○瑜/遠東都會天母 店 凃○雅/遠東新世紀 王○偉/亞東證券 詹○凱/亞泥花蓮廠 張○萱/亞東醫院 劉○珊/富民運輸 張○萍/全虹湯城維修中心 陳○玲/亞東醫院 張 ○枝

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