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05.2022 Welfare

Home food economy: Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La one-stop three meals

Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel Taipei / Wang Jingpeng
807D00        The epidemic is a new generation of food, with good taste in taking home food. The Shangri La Hotel of Far Eastern Group in Taipei has restarted the "Shangri La food collection" take out dining car market, from chef's lunch boxes, selected dishes to baked pastries, as well as take out packages for the whole family. Three meals a day are arranged in one stop. Through a variety of choices, diners can enjoy five-star delicious food at home.

        807D01        The first dining car provides hand baking freshly baked every day, with a wide range of items, including: classic European bread, muffin, cinnamon roll, fokasia, Kesong doughnut... As well as table style scallion bread and Onion Bread. Bread control must not be missed!

        The second dining car is the small bourgeoisie's favorite take-out exquisite lunch box, such as: popular cafeteria - roast pig and five flower fresh shrimp stew of Far Eastern Group caf é, Michelin plate recommendation - Cantonese style braised Sanbao of Xianggong, braised lion head of Zuoyue building in Shanghai and Ibuki Japanese sea salt roast snapper chin bamboo shoot steamed rice, etc. each lunch box is a super popular rush to buy lunch box; In the evening, we will provide a selection of Xianggong Cantonese dishes to take out: pineapple colored pepper Gulu meat, Sichuan spicy meat floss eggplant Tofu Pot, current dish plum steamed ribs... Etc. a variety of dishes are available in turn, such as ntd320 per serving.

        In addition, the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei has also launched two "Shangri La to your home" take out packages, each set of ntd4680, which makes it very ceremonial to eat at home! "Xianggong roast duck family meal" includes three meals of roast duck, black pepper eggplant halibut pot, Xianggong crab fried rice and stir fried fresh vegetables. It is suitable for four people to share. Lobster control first promotes "Shanghai Zuoyue restaurant family meal". The set meal includes braised Boston lobster in soy sauce, Wuxi ribs, old braised egg with towel gourd, Brazilian mushroom chicken soup, Zuoyue restaurant soy sauce Jinhua Ham fried rice, which is recommended for the whole family.

        In addition, the Shangri La style collection, an online store of the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei, has also been newly revised with a simple and elegant layout, presenting four categories of exclusive commodities, including the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Festival gift basket, chef's special, fragrance essence and takeaway meals. Among them, the "Festival gift basket" is now selling dragon boat festival dumplings, There are eight chef selected rice dumplings and three Festival gift bags with both environmental protection and fashion; "Chef's special" includes selected cakes, instant normal temperature beef noodles, frozen foods such as braised lion's head, Brazilian mushroom stewed chicken soup, honey and sauce, etc; "Fragrance essence" sells the exclusive fragrance of Shangri La, which is famous all over the world. The elegant bergamot and ginger tea fragrance make people feel comfortable, calm and peaceful. It can also create a five-star hotel holiday atmosphere at home. During the epidemic prevention period, the most popular "take out meals" are also launched simultaneously, allowing you to handle home meals at one finger. "Shangri La style selection collection" not only provides rich and diverse commodities, but also can be delivered to designated areas in Taipei or picked up at a designated time, which brings convenient shopping experience to consumers. It can also accumulate points / Credits of Shangri La club members. Now add code and enjoy a 20% discount on the first purchase of Shangri La club members!

                "Shangri La cuisine collection" take out dining car business hours: 11:00 ~ 13:00 noon; 19:00-17:30 PM

        Ordering line: (02) 7700-3155

        Shangri la style collection online store:

        Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La address: No. 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Da'an District, Taipei

        Tel: (02) 2378-8888

        Website: com/taipei。


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