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05.2022 Editor

From co integration to co Prosperity: the sustainable commitment of Far Eastern Group

Far eastern magazine / Li Jiazhen
        For enterprises, sustainable management is a long-term issue, and it has become an international consensus to evaluate the specific performance of enterprises in sustainability development with "ESG" index. In this issue of "cover story", in addition to explaining the role and response of enterprises in the sustainable financial ecosystem by anhou Jianye joint accounting firm, Far Eastern Group also invited five enterprises with outstanding performance in the sustainable field - far EasTone telecommunications, far eastern New Century Corporation, Far Eastern Department stores, Asia Cement Corporation and Fe SOGO Department stores, Share the most representative projects, hoping to exert influence and attract more companies to build an enterprise constitution of steady governance, green innovation and social integration, so as to coexist and prosper with the environment!

        Not only can enterprises contribute to the sustainable development of economy, environment and society, but also you and I can use the funds in hand to make a contribution to the earth. In the "finance column" column of the "life intelligence" unit, Far Eastern International bank wants to tell you that investing in the fund of ESG concept can simultaneously improve the investment quality and environmental protection value; On the other hand, how to invest in Orient Securities is also one of the popular options for your success. In addition, the annual mother's Day is coming. In the "fashion column" column, the Commissioner of Far Eastern Department Stores introduced how to buy mother's Day gifts to help mothers reduce their age; The "legal column" column also summarizes the latest production and parenting subsidy schemes to provide the best support for novice parents. Welcome to make more use of them!

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