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06.2022 Honor and Personnel Change

Far eastern group new, far EasTone telecommunications, and Far Eastern International Bank won the top 5% of the "corporate governance evaluation"

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation recently announced the results of the 8th corporate governance evaluation. Far Eastern New Century Corporation, far EasTone telecommunications and Far Eastern International Bank stood out from 913 listed companies and were listed in the top 5%; Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Far Eastern Department stores, U-Ming marine transport and Asia Cement Corporation under Far Eastern Group also won the top 6% ~ 20%, and Everest textile also won the top 21% ~ 35%.

        "Corporate governance evaluation" refers to the corporate governance principles issued by OCED (OECD) to formulate a total of 79 indicators in the four dimensions of "safeguarding shareholders' rights and interests and treating shareholders equally", "strengthening the structure and operation of the board of directors", "improving information transparency" and "implementing corporate social responsibility", so as to comprehensively evaluate the corporate governance of enterprises. A total of 1639 publicly quoted entities were evaluated this year, including 913 listed companies and 726 OTC companies; The final evaluation results were released. There were 46 listed companies and 36 OTC listed companies in the top 5% of high-quality enterprises this year. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the fact that far eastern international bank entered the top 5% list for the first time this year, far EasTone telecommunication has won the top 5% honor for 8 consecutive years. At present, only 9 enterprises in Taiwan, including far EasTone telecommunication, have achieved this achievement, which is not easy.


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