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05.2022 Hot Topic

"Far Easterner lecture": mother's Day proposal

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        The annual mother's Day is coming. What do you want to say to your mother? Have you planned how to comfort your dear mommy? Come and see what mother's Day proposals far Easterner has around the world!


        Since my mother gave birth to me, she began to care about me all her life and escort me all the way on my way of growth. I once took my mother's love for granted. I didn't understand that my mother's world was very small until her eyes shrank and her eyesight degenerated. Only when I was full, I wanted to give the whole world to me day and night. In this affectionate may day, I want to say loudly: mother, thank you, I love you! Now every day with my mother video, like to listen to her voice, listen to her nagging, taste the sweet taste of happiness!

        This mother's day, I have prepared a big gift bag. There is a new mobile phone that allows me to communicate with my mother more distantly. There is also a big red envelope and my health report to let my mother know: I'm fine, don't worry. (Oriental industries (Suzhou) / Zhang Dandan)


        I am a child who often worries my mother. When I was a child, I was naughty and had cancer. Therefore, my mother's sideburns became a lot whiter. But also because I was sick, we got along day and night, and then we knew how much she loved me. Now that I have recovered my health, I don't need to worry about the economy at home. I'm very grateful to see her visit mountains and rivers after retirement and have her own social circle and itinerary planning. I want to tell my mother: Thank you. I love you. Being your child is my greatest blessing! Don't cook on Mother's day. Let me take you to a big meal! (Asia Eastern University of science and technology / you Zhiyan)


        Because my parents have been working in other places for many years, I was raised by my grandmother and aunt. My mother has always felt indebted for being unable to accompany her. Although I don't spend much time together, I know my mother's love and care for me. In that era when there was only local telephone and no mobile phone, my mother would call me no matter how tired she was, tolerate my willfulness and bad temper, and take great pains to teach me how to behave as a person; In junior high school, my mother got a rare disease. Fortunately, her condition was controlled in order to strengthen her daughter's treatment; Even though her family was not rich, she still tried her best to provide a high-quality educational environment, which made me who I am today.

        My mother always uses the clothes, shoes, leather bags and maintenance products I gave her on important occasions and cherishes them very much. For her, whatever the value of the gift, as long as it is given by her children, it is the best choice. (chiahui Power Corporation / Chen Ziying)


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