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07.2020 Group Briefing

Selection of 2020 Far Eastern Energy Ssaving Award

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Li Menglin
        In order to pursue further breakthroughs in energy-saving management, increase group affiliated enterprise communication

Inspire energy-saving technology to improve energy-saving efficiency

We invite far Easterner to participate in the 2020 far eastern group energy saving award

The application will be open until 7 / 31 (5)

Award Description:

1. The awards are divided into "excellent projects" and "excellent institutions".

2. "Excellent projects" are divided into manufacturing industry and non manufacturing industry.

Excellent projects:

? manufacturing

→ non manufacturing

All companies are requested to report the specific measures taken to achieve energy saving since 2019, which can effectively save the internal energy costs of the company, and have the potential of technological innovation and future promotion.

Scoring items:

Energy saving benefits

Technological innovation

Promotion potential in the future

Data integrity

Excellent organization: the organizer shall evaluate the overall effectiveness of energy saving (energy saving rate * per unit consumption) by 59 major energy consuming enterprises from the third quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020.

*Energy saving rate of unit consumption: output per unit (output, turnover, number of people Energy saving ratio of the amount of energy consumed

Award winning cases of 2019 far eastern group energy saving Award

For details of the awards of "Far Eastern Group Spirit Award" and "Far Eastern group energy saving Award" in 2019, please refer to far eastern magazine, January 2020 / issue 353

Please refer to the Far Eastern magazine website (download section) for the selection method, or contact the organizer of each company

Organizer: Far Eastern Group chair office contact person: Ms. Li Menglin

Tel. + 886-2-2733-8000 (short code 400) extension 8409

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