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02.2021 Group Briefing

U-Ming Marine Transport' s new ship "Grand Wisdom" 

U-Ming marine transport / Huang Yizhen
738A01        U-Ming marine transport, one of the nine listed companies of Far Eastern Group, commissioned Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to build the second 325 DWT ship by its subsidiary U-Ming marine transport (Singapore) private Co., Ltd, On December 14, 2020, M.V. "grand wisdom", a VLOC bulk carrier, held the naming and delivery ceremony of "cloud pick up ship" at Qingdao Beihai shipyard, and connected with Taipei and Singapore via video to allow guests from both places to watch the ceremony. The ceremony was personally presided over by far eastern group Douglas Hsu. Mrs. Liu Chongjian, independent director of U-Ming marine transport, and Ms. Zhuang Yifei, Professor of business management and section chief of Ming Chuan University, were invited to name the new ship. Witnessed by Douglas Hsu, Liu Dudong, Ms. Zhuang and many other guests, the ceremony was successfully completed.

        738A02        With a length of 339.9 meters, a width of 62 meters and a deadweight tonnage of 325000 metric tons, Yuzhi is the second super large ore bulk carrier built by Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. for U-Ming marine transport. Both yuzhilun and grand pioneer, who just delivered the ship in September 2020, will carry U-Ming marine transport. They have signed a 25-year long-term iron ore transportation contract with vale international Sa of Switzerland, one of the world's five largest iron ore producers. The total revenue is more than US $600 million, which helps to improve U-Ming marine transport It also provides long-term stable cash flow and profit. Yuzhilun adheres to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, is equipped with the most advanced man B & W main engine, reserves the LNG ready design that can be transformed into LNG and fuel dual fuel in the future, and implements the green shipping belief of U-Ming marine transport. In addition, yuzhilun is also equipped with Sox scrubber, which not only meets the low emission standard of low sulfur fuel stipulated in the 2020 International Fuel Convention, but also has the ultra-low fuel consumption performance of EEDI (energy efficiency design index) even surpasses the international regulations, enhancing the competitive advantage of U-Ming marine transport.


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