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02.2021 Group Briefing

The launch of FET cloud computing center helps enterprises to quickly make layout

Far EasTone telecommunications / Zhang Weijun
741A01        Far EasTone Telecommunication, which cost billions of yuan to build "TPKC Far EasTone Telecommunication Cloud Computing center", is officially launched. The center is located in Banqiao essence area of New City, near the Taiwan stock exchange information center, located in Banqiao, Taipei. The first IDC computer room certified as uptime tier III by the international authoritative Uptime Institute is provided by far EasTone telecommunication cloud team with uninterrupted maintenance services. It helps domestic and foreign enterprises, financial securities, e-commerce, Internet, Ott services, etc. rapidly expand their business layout and accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

        741A03        The novel coronavirus pneumonia President and Far EasTone Telecommunication, President, executive vice president of the enterprise and international business group, said that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, the shift of consumption and working mode has led enterprises to move a large number of offline activities to online, accelerate the transformation of enterprises into digital transformation, and provide cloud services to the whole world, Big Data The demand for data computing is relatively increasing. In addition, major international companies are investing more in Taiwan, enhancing Taiwan's position in data transshipment in the Asia Pacific region.

        Far EasTone telecommunication cloud computing center has five characteristics: suitable for high power users, structured wiring design, high stable infrastructure, disaster prevention mechanism, AI intelligent management, which can ensure the uninterrupted operation of enterprises. The professional team of far EasTone telecommunication provides network security, cloud, big data + AI + IOT (big data + AI + IOT) services , artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)) and other one-stop customized services, from now on, we will provide early bird discount on special portfolio for customers with machine room cabinet and bandwidth connection needs.

        Far EasTone telecommunication cloud computing center is the latest international level cloud computing center in the industry, with ISO27001 capital security certification and ISO20000 customer satisfaction certification. The three-layer elevated three-dimensional wire rack design in the machine room and the visual management of AB power circuit wire effectively improve the maintenance and transportation efficiency.

        In terms of security management, far EasTone telecommunication cloud computing center is set with seven security control channels including infrared electronic fence, unfamiliar face recognition tracking, personnel positioning, anti tailing, remote electronic lock and RFID equipment control. In addition, the machine room adopts double substation and double circuit power supply system, with seven level shockproof, flood control and lightning protection design, and adopts VESDA / gas type / water type, the first three-stage fire perception fire extinguishing design in the domestic industry, to improve fire safety and prevent re ignition.

        Far EasTone telecommunication cloud computing center is also the first time in the domestic industry to adopt the design of flat wall with hot aisle closed upper return air technology to control the air flow direction, effectively avoid air mixing, and expand the cabinet space, maximize the heat dissipation efficiency, ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, while also taking into account the energy efficiency.

                It is worth mentioning that far EasTone telecommunication cloud computing center has also won the 2020 Taiwan green building Diamond Award and 2019 Taiwan excellent intelligent green building design Platinum Award. It combines solar power supply and active intelligent control, and introduces free cooling (natural gas cooling system) to save energy, improve power saving efficiency and achieve pue value While promoting Taiwan's development into an Asia Pacific data collection center, we hope to work with our business partners to practice the spirit of green environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.


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