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06.2021 Honor and Personnel Change

FENC and FET won the top 5% of the "corporate governance review"

Far EasTone telecommunications / Wen Yijie

        Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation announced the results of the seventh corporate governance evaluation on April 29. Far Eastern New Century Corporation and far EasTone Telecommunication stood out from 905 listed companies, both of which were listed among the top 5% of the companies, and FET has been listed for seven consecutive times! Moreover, Far Eastern Group's Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Far Eastern Department store, U-Ming marine transport, Far Eastern International Bank and Asia Cement Corporation also been listed among the top 6% - 20%, and Everest textile the top 21% - 35%.


        "Corporate governance evaluation" refers to the principles of corporate governance issued by the OECD, which formulates a total of 82 indicators in four aspects: "safeguarding shareholders' rights and interests and treating shareholders equally", "strengthening the structure and operation of the board of directors", "enhancing information transparency" and "implementing corporate social responsibility" to comprehensively evaluate the corporate governance of enterprises. A total of 1617 publicly quoted entities were evaluated this year. There are 45 listed companies and 36 OTC listed companies in the top 5% of high-quality enterprises this year,among which, only 10 listed companies ranked in the top 5% for seven consecutive years, accounting for only 1% of the total. FET has won this award for seven consecutive years, It shows that it has been unanimously affirmed in corporate governance and sustainable operation.

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