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10.2021 Honor

Six enterprises of Far Eastern Group won the "Best Companies to Work for" in Asia by HR Asia

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

        “HR Asia”, an authoritative human resources publication in Asia, announced "2021 Best Companies to Work for in Asia " on September 6. Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern International Bank, U-Ming Marine Transport, Far Eastern Big City shopping malls and Air Liquide Far Eastern, which belong to FEG, won awards, which shows that the group has spared no effort to take care of its employees and actively build a happy workplace.


        The "Best Companies to Work for in Asia " covers 12 countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, covering a variety of industries. It is one of the most authoritative awards in the field of human resource management in the Asia Pacific region. The award adopts a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation system through indicators such as enterprise reports, anonymous employee questionnaires, briefings and Q & A to select outstanding enterprise employers in various industries.


        Far Eastern New Century Corporation is a leader in the global textile industry with outstanding performances in the industry in all aspects. In particular, the score of "team awareness and participation" is higher than 28% in the industry, indicating that the company has attached importance to corporate social responsibility and employee relations, and it builds mutual assistance and mutual trust with trade unions, establishes smooth communication channels, which wins high recognition from employees.


        Asia Cement Corporation has been highly praised for workplace optimization and talent cultivation. Through a salary system higher than average of the market, Asia Cement Corporation helped colleagues refine their skills, build a friendly working environment, create a good interactive organizational culture, and let colleagues give full play to their strengths at the workplace and grow together with the enterprise. Therefore, Asia Cement Corporation stood out in this selection.


        Far Eastern International Bank, which participated in the competition for the first time, also had a brilliant performance, especially in the employee questionnaire, the scores were higher than the average score. In the future, Far Eastern International Bank will continue to cultivate the partnership value with employees by optimizing human resources policies such as salary and welfare, talent cultivation and workplace environment, and move towards the best employer brand in the financial industry.

        As for U-Ming Marine Transport, known as the "king of bulk navigation", it has not only won the " Best Companies to Work for in Asia ", but also won the "WeCare Award". It is the only enterprise in the domestic bulk shipping industry that has won these two awards. U-Ming marine transport always regards employees as the most important asset. Regardless of welfare, development and physical and mental health, it tries its best to meet the needs of employees and is committed to creating the best workplace environment.


        As a popular shopping mall in Taiwan, Far Eastern Big City shopping malls is the only department store in Taiwan that has won the award for 2 consecutive years. It listened to the needs of employees with an open attitude, and deeply cultivated five policies, such as "safe and healthy workplace", "equal and respectful ", "reasonable salary and characteristic welfare", "diversified talent cultivation program" and "public welfare participation and common prosperity with the employee ", which were highly praised by employees.


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