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10.2021 Honor

Far Eastern Department store, SOGO and far eastern big city shopping malls won six awards in area

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

        CSR model students of Far Eastern Group department store industry won another award! In the latest "area Asia responsible entrepreneurship awards", Far Eastern Department Store won the "green leadership award" and "Social Welfare Development Award", and Pacific SOGO Department store also won the two awards of "human investment" and "health promotion", Far eastern big city shopping malls also won the "green leadership award" and "health promotion". Far Eastern Group's retail industry swept six awards in one fell swoop and became a worthy CSR leader.


        Over the past 54 years, Far Eastern Department store has made use of the advantages of chain department stores to build each store into a "public welfare platform". This year, it won the "Social Welfare Development Award" with the project of "spreading love to the countryside, sending love with sneakers, and connecting public welfare Christmas of Far Eastern Department Store love", This project is the Christmas public welfare lighting activity held by Tainan Far Eastern Department store for 13 consecutive years. So far, it has given more than 2000 pairs of sneakers and accompanied more than 2000 rural school children through the road of growth. In addition, Far Eastern Department store also won the "green leadership award" with "lead a green life, towards a fashionable and environmentally friendly green mall". Green environmental protection has always been the focus of Far Eastern Department store. In the past six years, Far Eastern Department store has achieved excellent results in energy conservation and carbon reduction, promoting 164 large-scale energy-saving projects, and the carbon reduction is equivalent to the carbon absorption of 38 Da'an forest parks in a year. Moreover, Far Eastern Department store has also made great efforts in green services, accounting for 97.7% of green procurement, promoted a number of green consumption actions, adopted street trees and green spaces around shopping malls, and held more than 100 small-scale farmers' fairs to shorten the carbon footprint of food mileage. Under the trend of digitization, Far Eastern Department store also makes good use of technology to improve the efficiency of environmental management, and makes the mall management more action and intelligent through management app.

        Pacific SOGO Department store has been recognized by area for three consecutive years. In 2020, the epidemic broke out, and the service industry was the first to bear the brunt. Pacific SOGO Department store did not lay off workers or reduce wages, so that colleagues could have no worries about the economy, and the benefits were not discounted, so as to create a safe and happy workplace and take care of colleagues and counter partners. Therefore, this year, the project of "building the first safety department store in Taiwan and cultivating and retaining gold medal service talents" was launched, It has become the only enterprise in the department store industry in Taiwan to receive the "human investment Award". At the same time, in response to the epidemic situation, when the first confirmed case in Taiwan appeared, Pacific SOGO Department store immediately started the "epidemic prevention command center" system, formulated more than 20 guidelines and specifications for specific epidemic prevention measures, and started the independent management mechanism. Finally, it won the "health and Health Promotion Award" with the plan of "seeing the external needs of the epidemic and deploying the epidemic prevention safety net in advance".

 774A02       Far eastern big city shopping malls has long been concerned about the age gap of seasonal ischemia and blood donation in Taiwan, the pending elimination of national diseases such as liver cancer and hepatitis, the social trend of aging, and the difficulty in finding comfortable and economic sports space. Therefore, it has extended social public welfare activities to improve community health and people's quality of life, This year, he won the "Health Promotion Award" with "community health big value added - building a good health promotion platform for all ages". On the other hand, far eastern big city shopping malls has also actively integrated into the greater Hsinchu region, promoting the four policies of green operation, green consumption, green transportation and environmental education, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to focus on environmental sustainability. Therefore, it has won the "green leadership award" with the "big city, big green - making a green shopping journey" plan.


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