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10.2021 Honor and Personnel Change

Far Eastern International Bank won three awards, showing its professionalism

Far Eastern International Bank / Chen Yiru
        The results of the 2021 excellent bank evaluation organized by excellence were announced on August 19. Qiu Shuzhen, vice chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, came to the awards. Far Eastern International Bank was awarded three professional awards of "best brand image", "best wealth management" and "best customer recommendation".

        For a long time, Far Eastern International Bank has always emphasized customer centricity, integrated Far Eastern Group resources, developed innovative technology service platform, and provided comprehensive services for customers' financial management and life with the concept of one bank. In this online ticket selection, it was affirmed by the "best wealth management" bank.

        Thomas Chou president said that last year, Far Eastern International Bank reorganized its organization to provide customers with the best experiential financial services, and operated with a full range of products and channels. In response to the trend of digital technology wealth management, it introduced a new version of intelligent asset allocation system, and used automated AI system to view customers' individual needs, investment purposes and Past investment experience and economic trends to make adjustment suggestions for the optimal asset allocation for customers at different life stages.

        Moreover, Far Eastern International Bank also won the "best customer recommendation Award". Its advantage is to build the branch's "LOHAS space" platform, so that customers can not only experience interesting and life aesthetic services at the branch end, but also provide a field for interaction with customers. On the other hand, in line with the trend of old age and fewer children, "mature age family financial management" has become a new blue ocean in the market. Far Eastern International Bank and Yuan Ze University jointly run the "Leling financial management school", which not only leads the industry, but also meets the expectations and needs of mature age groups and creates an excellent reputation.

        In addition, in the face of the new generation of Internet, Far Eastern International Bank launched a short film of "small win" on YouTube every week, inviting life experts to guide happy life information such as food and smart consumption, and also inviting expert teams to analyze products and market trends, so as to successfully launch a new brand image of Far Eastern International Bank.

        Far Eastern International Bank integrates multiple resources of Far Eastern Group, such as medical treatment, leisure, department stores, mass merchandising, online shopping and communication, to become a happy platform for customers to enjoy wealth management and create a wonderful and rich shile life circle for customers wholeheartedly.


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