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05.2022 Group Briefing

Wuhan changya shipping welcomes two new environmental protection ships

Wuhan changya shipping / Xu Wenfa
802C00        The largest tonnage environmental protection ship in the history of Wuhan changya shipping - "changya 11" officially set sail on March 29 to transport cement from Jiangxi Yadong cement wharf to the wharf of Taizhou Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) building materials Co., Ltd. At the same time, the sister ship of the same type as changya 11, changya 12, has also completed the trial voyage and delivered it on March 31.

        802C01        "Changya 11" and "changya 12" have the characteristics of green environmental protection, low fuel consumption, strong loading capacity and good maneuverability. They are 105.0m long, 17.2m wide, 7.8m deep and 6.8m designed draft. They can sail in class A and B navigation areas in inland waters. They mainly carry dry bulk cargo such as cement, clinker, limestone and coal. The maximum cargo capacity is 9206.82 tons and the cost is about 16.77 million yuan / ship.

        After the delivery of the two new ships, Wuhan changya shipping's own ship capacity has reached 11, with a capacity of 75600 tons of dry bulk cargo and an annual cargo volume of 4 million tons; The annual freight volume of foreign charter ships is 6 million tons, which greatly improves the service capacity.


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