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05.2022 Group Briefing

Far EasTone telecommunications issued the first "social responsibility bond" in the telecommunications industry

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan
        On March 29, far EasTone telecommunications announced the issuance of the first "social responsibility bond" in Taiwan's telecommunications industry, with an amount of NT $2.7 billion and a five-year term, with a coupon rate of 0.88%. It is the "social responsibility bond" with the largest amount of NT $issued in a single offering. It was successfully priced and issued on the eve of the interest rate rise. This is the fourth time that far EasTone telecommunications has issued sustainable financial products after cooperating with the financial industry to issue "sustainable index linked commercial promissory note" in May and November last year. The raised funds will be invested in 5g construction to drive industrial development and level the digital gap.

        "Social responsibility bond" is one of the three main bonds of sustainability development bond. With the purpose of improving social problems, it is known as the financial instrument that can play the most social function since the outbreak of the epidemic. Far EasTone telecommunications has successfully launched four sustainable financial products in a short time, thanks to its long-term inclusion of sustainability development in its core operation strategy, making good use of its own influence and pursuing the common good of the society. In the future, far EasTone telecommunications will also strive to give consideration to revenue growth and ESG (environment, society and Governance) and practice the goal of sustainability development.


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