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05.2022 Group Briefing

Far Eastern International Bank built a music branch in Linkou to create a high-quality financial service experience

Far Eastern International Bank / Peng Guanying
        The Linkou branch of Far Eastern International Bank was newly renovated and opened on March 22. The appearance of the signboard was added with the "shile brand value" logo of Far Eastern International bank wealth management. The interior of the bank broke through the existing image of traditional banks, took the music salon as the positioning, and looked forward to providing customers with a higher quality financial experience with differentiated and characteristic space design and services.

        Thomas Chou president of Far Eastern International Bank said that this year, Far Eastern International Bank repositioned its development strategy, focused on fine banks with quality over quantity, and actively transformed all branches in Taiwan in combination with the "shile brand value proposition" of Far Eastern International bank wealth management. The newly refitted signboard of Linkou branch is specially equipped with slogans such as "shile financial happy +, lighting up a rich life, achieving wealth freedom and digital financial innovation", hoping to visually convey the intentions of Far Eastern International Bank.

        Walking into the newly refitted Linkou branch of Far Eastern International Bank, you will see warm colors, fashionable and elegant decoration and a "playing piano". In order to make the bank more than just a bank, Far Eastern International Bank has specially built the customer waiting area into a new type of music space. Through automatic piano playing, customers can listen to melodious music while waiting for financial services and get spiritual healing and relaxation. In addition, the manager of Linkou branch has also served as a music volunteer of Linkou Changgeng hospital for many years. This time, members of the music volunteer group are specially called on to hold online and offline synchronous music concerts on the opening day. In the future, piano music performances will be brought regularly to make the bank have both temperature and quality, and become a field of friendship and interaction between the bank and customers, customers and customers.

        In addition to the music space, the Linkou branch of Far Eastern International Bank also actively creates an international friendly financial service environment. From the welcome wall with multi language signs at the door to the name plates of counter service personnel, all kinds of signs in the bank, signs of business halls, digital equipment, lists and other software and hardware are fully imported into Chinese and English, and two-way translation equipment supporting 48 languages is set up, It is the fourth bilingual branch of Far Eastern International Bank to communicate without borders. Thomas Chou president stressed that far Eastern International Bank will continue to renovate its premises, combine financial technology and humanities, integrate into the brand value proposition of Far Eastern International bank wealth management shile, and make far Eastern International Bank shile happy + your happy home.


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