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05.2022 Group Briefing

Fe SOGO Department Stores Hsinchu store hand guard "longen Zhen"

Fe SOGO Department Stores Hsinchu / Lai xiuguang
        "Longen Zhen", which is adjacent to Fe SOGO Department Stores Hsinchu store, is an early water conservancy project facility in Hsinchu. Together with Daojiang Zhen in Chiayi County and Babao Zhen in Changhua County, it is known as the three ancient Zhen in Taiwan. After the original function of Guzhen gradually declined, the government of Hsinchu City has planned the surroundings of longen Zhen as part of the urban park in recent years. Walking along the river can feel the urban aesthetics and become an area for daily walking activities of nearby residents.

        As a neighbor of longen Shenzhen, Fe SOGO Department Stores Hsinchu store also has the obligation to maintain the environment. On March 17, hsinchudian volunteers called on colleagues to help clean the environment around the longen Shenzhen trail. In the future, Hsinchu stores will continue to care for local residents and become good partners for Hsinchu residents.


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