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01.2024 Honor and Personnel Change

TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards and GCSA Global Corporate Sustainability Awards appear in Far Eastern Group, winning 47 awards for seven consecutive times

Far Eastern New Century Corporation / He Xin
886b01v2886b02        On November 15, 2023, the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) held an award ceremony for 10 companies under Far Eastern Group, including Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Far EastTone Telecommunications, FE SOGO Department Stores, Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern Department Stores, Everest Textile U-Ming Marine Transport, Far Eastern International Bank, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital stood out from over 500 competitors, winning a total of 47 awards, reaching a new record high. They have also topped the Taiwan group for seven consecutive years, demonstrating Far Eastern Group's innovative spirit and commitment to creating sustainable energy for environmental symbiosis and social integration.

        Among them, Far Eastern New Century Corporation and Far EasTone Telecommunications were awarded the highest honor of the "Top Ten Sustainable Model Enterprises in Taiwan". This is the fourth consecutive award for Far Eastern New Century Corporation, and the sixth award for Far EasTone Telecommunications; Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern Department Stores, FE SOGO Department Stores, and U-Ming Marine Transport have also won the recognition of the "Top 100 Sustainable Model Enterprises in Taiwan", while Everest Textile has won the "Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Performance Award".

        Far Eastern Group has won a total of 25 sustainable individual performance awards from TCSA, with impressive results, with Far EasTone Telecommunications winning 9 out of all awards, making it the best performing company of the year. Far Eastern New Century Corporation won first place in the manufacturing and energy industry group at the recycled economy leadership award; Asia Cement Corporation and FE SOGO Department stores also won the GCSA Best Case Award. In addition, Far Eastern Group has won 12 TCSA and GCSA sustainability report awards, with Far Eastern New Century Corporation and Asia Cement Corporation ranking in the top two in the traditional manufacturing sector. The ESG information disclosure is complete and has been recognized by the judges.

                Far Eastern Group has been deeply rooted in Taiwan for over 70 years, with operations spanning ten major industries including polyester spinning, cement building materials, petrochemical energy, department store retail, telecommunications, finance, transportation, restaurants, construction, and public welfare. Together, they promote Sustainability Development for E (environment), S (society), and G (governance). Taking a comprehensive view of the sustainable performance of the group, its subsidiaries implement low-carbon transformation with core capabilities and create sustainable growth strategies.

        In addition to winning the "Taiwan Top 10 Sustainable Model Enterprises Award", Far Eastern New Century Corporation has also won 9 awards this year, including 6 "Sustainable Individual Performance Awards" (Climate Leader, Recycled Economy Leader, Workplace Welfare Leader, Information Security Leader, Innovation Growth Leader, Talent Development Leader), as well as the Chinese version of the "Best Performance Platinum Award" and the English version of the "Gold Award" for the sustainability report, Showcasing the excellent performance of the company in promoting ESG in all aspects. As a global leader in the recycling polyester industry, Far Eastern New Century Corporation uses recycled economy to create low-carbon competitiveness, converting discarded PET bottles, discarded fabrics, and steel plant waste gas into recycled raw materials to produce a new generation of green products; By accelerating the implementation of sustainable projects through sustainable finance, we have become the world's first company to simultaneously issue four types of Sustainability Development bonds in the Sustainability Development Bond Database of the International Capital Markets Association, setting a milestone for Taiwan's sustainable finance towards internationalization.

        Far EasTone Telecommunications promotes sustainability through 5G Big Data+AI+IoT (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT)) core technologies, such as creating 5G long-distance diagnosis and treatment solutions, bringing network resources to the entire rural area of Taiwan, shortening the digital gap between urban and rural areas, and leveraging technological capabilities to leverage corporate influence. Asia Cement Corporation, on the other hand, utilizes the high-temperature characteristics of cement rotary kilns to reduce natural resource consumption and achieve scientific reduction targets for three consecutive years, striving to become the preferred partner for sustainable green homes.

        Far Eastern Department Stores has innovatively transformed into a new type of specialty shopping mall, continuously improving its profitability. It has won the "Innovation Growth Leader Award" for eight consecutive years, as well as the "Climate Leader Award", "Gender Equality Leader Award", "Platinum Award for Corporate Sustainability Report", and the "Bronze Award for Sustainability Report" at the GCSA Global Corporate Sustainability Awards, He is the only Taiwanese department store operator to receive this honor.

        FE SOGO Department stores is not only the first department store in the Asia Pacific region to join the EP100 international initiative, but also plays a role in leveraging the influence of large and small channels, launching the SOGO Sustain sustainable selection system, establishing a supplier carbon reduction alliance, and working together with brands and suppliers to move towards net zero.

        U-Ming Marine Transport supports low-carbon transportation and collaborates with supply chain partners to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual fuel ships, becoming the earliest shipping industry in Taiwan to use low-carbon fuels; Oriental Union Chemical Corporation assists customers in carbon capture by producing carbon capture solvents, and continuously develops green technologies and products to create a sustainable new business model.

        Everest Textile takes "cradle to cradle" as its core concept, introduces ecological environment design, develops green processes, and actively develops diverse and sustainable high-performance fabrics; Far Eastern International Bank has launched multiple sustainable plans and actions, becoming the first bank in Taiwan to produce uniforms made entirely of environmentally friendly materials. It has also partnered with charity and public welfare to lead customers in caring for vulnerable groups in society.

        In addition to outstanding sustainable performance, Far Eastern Group also values workplace safety, employee well-being, and talent cultivation. Far Eastern New Century Corporation invests in intelligent occupational safety and health management, developing talent training with "sustainability, digital power, and international power"; Far EasTone Telecommunications aims to create a healthy and friendly workplace with six core values: happiness, thoughtfulness, empathy, care, and dedication, cultivating professional talents in the information and communications industry; Asia Cement Corporation has had no major occupational disasters for six consecutive years and has extended its safety culture to the value chain and contractors, creating a systematic safety protection network.

        Far Eastern Department Stores create an equal, diverse, and inclusive workplace environment for employees, while promoting health promotion programs, receiving recognition from over 85% of colleagues; FE SOGO Department stores have received a comprehensive salary increase of 4% for two consecutive years, and have cultivated a corporate culture that values occupational safety, health, and exercise habits; Far Eastern Memorial Hospital has created its own safety and health anomaly reporting system, establishing a prevention oriented culture and providing a safe, dignified, non discriminatory, mutually respectful and inclusive workplace environment with equal opportunities.


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