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04.2024 Group Briefing

Far Eastern Department Stores, Big City Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls call for rescuing the bloodthirsty

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
896c01        Hsinchu Far Eastern Department Stores has been cooperating with the Hsinchu Blood Center for a long time, inviting blood donation vehicles to enter the square to handle public welfare blood donation. In 2023, a total of 5880 bags and 1.47 million cubic meters of blood were raised, fulfilling corporate social responsibility and receiving a thank-you certificate from the Hsinchu Blood Center. In view of the recent shortage of blood banks in Taiwan, Big City Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls also called for the first large-scale blood donation event at the beginning of the year in the Rotary International 3501 area on January 20, 2024, raising a total of 1365 bags of hot blood to vigorously inject into the blood bank.

        The retail business system of Far Eastern Group is committed to building a public welfare platform, gathering love from all parties. Not only do Far Eastern Department Stores regularly hold blood donation activities to drive public response and let love spread, Big City Far Eastern Big City Shopping Malls has also organized nearly 280 blood donation activities so far, raising more than 42000 bags and 10 million c.c. of blood. In 2023, they also raised 9626 bags and over 2.4 million c.c. of blood, setting a new historical high and having a visible influence. They have been awarded the "Blood Donation Excellence Group" by the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation. This year, we will continue to make good use of social media promotion, mobilize villagers, colleagues, and counter partners to work together, and provide gifts in combination with corporate resources to attract more young generations to participate. Our goal is to raise over 10000 bags of hot blood annually.


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