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03.2024 Group Briefing

The Asia Cement Corporation Documentary Film Festival allows children to learn the beauty of life from the land

Asia Cement Corporation / Yan Jialu
896b01        In 2024, Asia Cement Corporation will again join hands with the well-known documentary production and broadcasting team "Spore Capsule Cinema" to advance to five primary schools in Xinrural-urban and Xiulin Township of Hualien County to hold the "Inspiring Life Film Exhibition", hoping to expand life experience, liberate imagination, establish correct values, and implement the company's commitment to "live in harmony, live side by side, and prosper together". Asia Cement Corporation has sponsored documentary broadcasting activities for three consecutive semesters. Over 350 teachers and students have participated in this three-day film exhibition. In addition to watching the videos, teachers have also guided students to think about the meaning through questioning and practical work, achieving the goal of integrating education with entertainment.

        The film "The Zoo at My Home - Building a Stove" played this time is the second season of the Best Children's Program Award at the Golden Bell Awards in 2023, titled "Call Me Wild Child". The story tells of Peter from the United States who has been rooted in Taiwan for many years, adhering to the concept of "constantly circulating vitality", exploring land value, creating circular symbiosis, and accompanying two little girls to interact deeply with the land and animals in Dulan, Taitung. This has aroused enthusiastic reactions from teachers and students, not only inspiring children's creativity and training problem-solving abilities, but also making them cherish the land that nurtures all things. Principal Huang Lihua of Xincheng Elementary School would like to express special gratitude to Asia Cement Corporation for allowing children to enjoy educational videos on the eve of winter vacation.

        Cai Youji's PR Manager stated that as long as it can bring joy and help to students, the sponsorship of Asia Cement Corporation is meaningful. He promised that the company is willing to continue investing in educational resources, promoting related plans or activities, enriching the lives of rural area students, and hopes that every child can learn to love themselves, respect life, and have a heart of empathy and warmth.


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