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1. table it(延到下次再讨论)

Time is running short. Why don’t we table it for now and go over the rest next week?(会议时间快到了。我们是否先讨论到这里,剩下的部分延到下周再进行?)

2. touch base (with someone)(联繫一下/快速确认一下) 

Hi, Sabrina, I just want to quickly touch base with you. Have you had a chance to go over the initial draft that I sent on September 25th? Is there any feedback? (嗨,Sabrina,我想快速跟您确认一下。您有机会看一下9月25日寄给您的初稿吗?有没有任何反馈或建议?)

3. will go from there(之后再来谈下一步)

We will start getting things ready on our end. And it would be great if you could get started on a list of potential clients. We will go from there.(我们将会开始着手准备相关事宜。如果您能开始接洽名单上的潜在客户就太好了,之后我们再来谈下一步。)

4. get started on + something(开始着手进行某事项)

We’ll get started on this project. We’ll see you again next week for more updates.(我们将开始着手进行此专案,期待下週再跟您分享进一步的更新讯息。)

5. take care of + something(着手处理某事项)

I’ll take care of it and will get back to you within a week.(我将会处理这个项目,预计一週内回覆您。)

6. on my/our end(我们这端)

We’ll go over it on our end and get back to you on that.(我们部门将会进行确认,稍后回覆您。) 

Sample Dialogue(情境范例) 


Sabrina:Time is running short. Let’s table it for now. We’ll talk about it the same time next week.  (会议时间不多了。今天未讨论的部分,我们下周同一时间再继续。)

Mark:I’d like to quickly touch base with you on the ABC proposal before we go. Have you received the file I sent last Friday? Do you have any feedback on that? (在我们结束之前,我想快速地跟您确认一下ABC提案。您有收到我上周五发送的档案吗?有任何反馈吗?)

Sabrina:Thank you for checking, Mark. We will take care of it on our end. It would be great if you could get started on contacting potential clients before the next meeting. We will go from there. (谢谢您的确认,Mark。我们部门会开始着手准备,下次会议之前,如果您能开始联繫潜在客户就太好了,之后我们再来谈下一步。)

Mark:Brilliant. We will go over the list on our end and we look forward to the next meeting for more updates. (太棒了,我们部门会确认客户名单,并开始联繫,期待下次会议能有更多资讯。)


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