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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2022-05-02

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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We will continue to work closely with stakeholders, winning over new norm

  The global energy system is transforming rapidly, leading to the reform of the supply and demand model, which is manifested in the emergence of carbon reduction policies and green energy. Governments around the world are taking actions to mitigate effects of climate change and fulfill their pledge to the Paris Agreement. Measures put in place include carbon neutral initiatives, carbon border tax, energy transition and circular economy, all of which are not merely international trends, but what make or break corporate competitiveness. Corporations must accelerate the pace of transformation in order to seize opportunities amid the crisis.

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Weekly News

Far eastern big city shopping malls strongly supports local agricultural and fishery specialties

  Far eastern big city shopping malls in the Far East, together with the agricultural and food department, the Fisheries Department, the fishery carnival, fish shopping, and nongliang direct sales office, held a "three net entity celebration" on April 16 and 17, inviting aquaculture youth, fishing clubs and farms all over Taiwan to sell all kinds of fresh catch aquatic products and special agricultural products, and launched a limited time surprise blessing bag with a market value of more than 1000 yuan. Consumers can add red packets of vegetables and red packets on the basis of market invoices For exquisite ingredients and kitchenware such as gas frying pan, the market voucher will be given when the consumption is full. Children's hip-hop dance and fresh guitar playing and singing performances will be arranged in the event, attracting many enthusiastic people to participate in the grand event. In order to celebrate the May Day holiday, the final session will be held on April 30, so that people can easily buy Taiwan's high-quality characteristic agricultural products and return home with a full load.

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Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores joins hands with Sapporo cosmetics to care for the vulnerable

  Sapporo cosmetics from Hokkaido, Japan, officially entered dayuanbai, Kaohsiung in April, and jointly held "warm care and hand in hand to send love" on April 25, donating epidemic prevention materials and daily necessities worth more than NTD 500000 to vulnerable families. The donated materials include 8000 pieces of medical masks, 300 cans of formula milk powder, 200 bottles of shampoo and shower gel, 200 bottles of oral spray and 800 toys & hellip; And other supplies, and won a certificate of thanks from the social Bureau of Kaohsiung Municipal government.

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Yuanfang industry (Wuxi) participated in the government's epidemic prevention work

  Since the middle of April, the situation of COVID-19 in Wuxi has become increasingly serious. On April 17, the Commerce Bureau of Xinwu district called on enterprises to send volunteers to support the government's epidemic prevention work. Wei Deguang, acting general manager and Chen Sulan, assistant manager, and other supervisors urgently mobilized and selected five volunteers to participate in the epidemic prevention work for a tentative month on behalf of Wuxi yarn factory. Five volunteers rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention immediately after attending a brief mobilization meeting on April 19.

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Weekly Event

In response to the invitation of World Earth Day   far EasTone telecommunications, users "e love the earth"

  Environmental protection and love for the earth have become the DNA of Yuanchuan. In response to world earth day, Yuanchuan plans to continue to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction. From now on to June 30, new and old users who use Yuanchuan electronic bills and make deductions from their bank accounts meet the lucky draw qualification and have the opportunity to obtain free instant coupons of Far East department stores. Users are welcome to participate in the event and love the earth! Please refer to: https://fetnet.tw/SmLZLN

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Pampering Mommy A. Mart launched mother's day discount

  With mother's Day approaching, in addition to launching the cake pre order activity of famous stores, Aimai mass merchandisers will offer "ntd500 for purchasing designated kitchen small appliances", "NTD150 for now when the pot is full of ntd1500", "1 free for more than 100 open shelf beauty care products", and "there is a" filial piety "epidemic prevention intimate project", so that you can easily create a filial piety dinner at home with group purchase tamping and local famous desserts.

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editor's pick

"Fashion Column ":Age reduction assists Mommy gift

   As mother's Day approaches, are you worried about what gifts to give to your mother-in-law and mother? These days, mummies hope to be sisters with you and accompany you like sisters and brothers. This mother's Day gift proposal starts with "age reduction", making Mommy younger and younger!

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"Far Easterner lecture": mother's Day proposal
"Editor":From co integration to co Prosperity: the sustainable commitment of Far Eastern Group
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of JUN topic:  intimate words for mom

  Mother's Day is coming. What do you want to say to your mother? Have you planned how to comfort your dear mommy? Welcome to write and share your mother's Day proposal. The Far East monthly will provide you with a "filial piety fund" within 300 words! (deadline: before May 15)


Winners List of No.380 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

亞 洲水泥 蕭○傑/亞東技術學院 曾○怡/遠傳電信 劉○妤/遠東商銀 王○華/鼎鼎企管顧問 劉○衛/遠通電收 劉○恒/遠東商銀 戎○瑜/遠東都會天母 店 凃○雅/遠東新世紀 王○偉/亞東證券 詹○凱/亞泥花蓮廠 張○萱/亞東醫院 劉○珊/富民運輸 張○萍/全虹湯城維修中心 陳○ 玲/亞東醫院 張 ○枝

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