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05.2022 Life Guide

Age reduction assists Mommy gift

Zheng Jiahui / Far Eastern Department Stores
381M07        As mother's Day approaches, are you worried about what gifts to give to your mother-in-law and mother? These days, mummies hope to be sisters with you and accompany you like sisters and brothers. This mother's Day gift proposal starts with "age reduction", making Mommy younger and younger!

        As you grow older, your appearance will inevitably leave traces of years. In fact, as long as we start from the following three points, we can achieve the effect of age reduction visually.

        Hairstyle: when the amount of hair becomes less and less, most people will choose a short hair style that is convenient to reorganize. But it's also short hair. Some people look old-fashioned, while others look young. The key is Liuhai. Long Liuhai can not only reduce age, but also modify face shape.

        Jewelry: different from the heavy feeling caused by large jewelry such as emerald and diamond, put on lightweight and bright bracelets, earrings, glasses and other accessories on relaxed occasions such as outings and afternoon tea, and immediately shorten the distance with young people.

        Clothing: in old age, fat metabolism is not easy. Do you want to cover butterfly sleeves, swimming circles, wide hips and thick legs? Dresses and wide pants are definitely the first choice! Try to match with accessories such as silk scarves, pins, belts, hats... Or skillfully wear a vest to show a sense of hierarchy. Choose ankle boots for shoes to avoid being too simple and brighten people's eyes.

        381M02        [jewelry easy to wear]

        01 lorya Gucci progressive Pink Sunglasses

        Whether you go for a picnic in the park, play water on the beach or camping, you must have fashionable sunglasses, especially the frame with the function of small face, which is more popular with girls. The recommended price is ntd10100, the exclusive preferential price of group colleagues is ntd7070, and Banqiao Far Eastern Department Stores (02) 2964-3235.

        02 pepper's Cowhide Plaid round bag

        The lovely and playful personalized pepper bag is matched with the exquisite design of detailed rhombic pattern, and the intellectual elegant gray purple is selected, which is calm and energetic. Recommended price: ntd4180, Far Eastern Department Stores (02) 2361-8751.

        03 RABEANCO Buki leather diagonal saddle bag

        The saddle shape is fashionable and young. You can choose portable or shoulder back according to different styles of clothing. Recommended price ntd6900, Banqiao Far Eastern Department Stores (02) 7705-4168.

        04 Lucy's neat and generous C-ring Earrings

        The silver cold light and cool black reflect each other, and the shining diamond is embedded in it to show the fashion taste in a low-key way. Recommended price ntd490, Far Eastern Department Stores (03) 550-8618.

        05 fruit silver strawberry Crystal Sterling Silver Bracelet

        It is named after the natural sediment in the crystal looks like strawberry seeds. The bright red color can promote personal charm, while the soft color of powder crystal can bring joy and happiness. Recommended price ntd3680, exclusive preferential price of group colleagues ntd1680, 4th floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Hsinchu, (03) 526-1318.

        381M03        [choose a single item like this]

        06 master Max denim wide pants

        381M04        The key of wide pants is to show thin design and tailoring, which can modify the width of the lower half of the object, and immediately wear it with a casual coat. Recommended price ntd4680, exclusive preferential price ntd3750 for group colleagues, Far Eastern Department Stores Taoyuan store (03) 336-8375.

        07 lazy Voda Voda Swim Fashion Sweater

        "Sweater" refers to a slightly thick long sleeved knitted sportswear. Mothers and daughters wear peach colored sweaters together, salty and sweet, super young! Recommended price ntd1480, Far Eastern Department stores, Xinyi A13 store (02) 2758-2758#224.

        08 f.f.f.f Floral Blue Dress

        Elegant blue with fashionable full-size broken flowers, lining out a sense of youth. The high waist telescopic band mouth design can adjust the body proportion and immediately reduce the visual age. Recommended price ntd2280, Taichung City Far Eastern Department Stores (04) 2251-8009.

        09 cocodeal floral print dress

        Yellow, green, pink and other soft flower prints, combined with high waistline cutting and falling feeling, create a thin effect. Recommended price ntd4790, Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores (07) 536-3819.

        [no less maintenance]

        10 Shiseido Baiyou Pure Cream

        Known as the "king of cream", Baiyou pure cream contains super biochemical hyaluronic acid and anti-aging yeast essence, which can moisturize, repair, soften and tighten in one bottle. The recommended price is ntd2800, and the exclusive preferential price of group colleagues is NTD 2520. Kaohsiung Far Eastern Department Stores (07) 338-3621.

        11 whoo posterior circulation depression relieving and face activating group

        The combination includes: 90ml secret post circulation essence, 8ml secret post regeneration, 8ml secret post circulation essence and 8ml gloss cream, which can delay skin aging and improve skin fineness. Recommended price ntd5260, exclusive preferential price of group colleagues NTD # 2980, Far Eastern Department Stores (05) 284-3070.

        12 Biotherm bierquan crystal miracle water

        After 20 years of scientific research, the brand uses patented stem cell extraction technology to completely preserve the active ingredients. This product contains: 200ml miracle Huoyuan crystal, 14ml miracle Huoyuan crystal and 14ml miracle Huoyuan essence, with the value of ntd4104, the exclusive preferential price of the group colleagues ntd2950, and Far Eastern Department Stores Banqiao Zhongshan store (02) 8964-2654.

        381M05        [the breath is also young]

        13 Guerlain Guerlain Eau De Toilette

        The front flavor blends the sweetness of small jasmine flowers and the brightness of orange flowers to show the fragrance of flowers. The middle note welcomes the sweet and juicy melon and fruit fragrance, and finally spreads the soft smell of white musk, iris and violet. 75ml recommended price ntd3300, Tainan Far Eastern Department Stores (06) 208-9847.

        14 bonny & read x cosmic Manson Korean fragrance co Branded perfume

        Cooperating with Cosmo Manson, a well-known fragrance brand in Seoul, South Korea, we provide a variety of fragrance options to integrate fragrance and taste and show our exclusive beauty attitude. Recommended price ntd827, Far Eastern Department stores, Zhubei store 0965-392-468.

                Note: the full text of "preferential price" must show the group employee identification card until May 31, 111.


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