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05.2022 Welfare

Pampering Mommy A. Mart launched mother's day discount

A. Mart / Huang Liqi
        Mother's Day is approaching. In addition to launching the cake pre purchase activity of famous stores, A. mart's mass merchandiser will offer "ntd500 at the highest for purchasing designated kitchen small appliances", "NTD150 discounted when the pot is full of ntd1500", "1 free for more than 100 open shelf beauty care products", and "there is a" filial piety "epidemic prevention paste project", so that you can easily create a filial piety dinner at home with group purchase tamping food and well-known desserts.

        Many people want to buy kitchen appliance artifact to make Mommy cook more time-saving and labor-saving. A. mart's mass merchandiser sees the business opportunity of buying small appliances. From now on to May 3, he launched the activity of giving ntd500 cash discount coupons for purchasing designated kitchen appliances. The items include: one click to chef's "Philips smart multi-purpose pot" special price ntd2880, and then give "fresh ntd200 cash discount coupons"; The all-round "Hitachi 22 liter multifunctional steam cooking stove" has a special price of ntd15548. Buy and send "microwave box ntd500 cash discount coupon"; The super large capacity "Oster 22 liter oil cut gas fried oven" has a special price of ntd5490. After buying it, you will get a "4-piece set of brand kitchen goodies, aluminum foil paper ntd200 cash voucher", which will be overweight for 14 days to subsidize the purchase of shopping money around the kitchen. In addition, there are full discounts, including: kitchen pots, fresh-keeping boxes, kitchen table accessories, fresh-keeping film, fresh-keeping bags, aluminum foil paper, NTD150 for a single ntd1500, and ntd750 for a maximum; For personal cleaning and maintenance and physiological supplies, NTD100 cash discount coupons will be given for a single full ntd688, up to ntd500; For health care / nursing designated goods, ntd50 will be discounted for a single full amount of ntd888, and ntd250 will be discounted for the highest amount. Not only that, from now on to May 17, we will launch 100 open shelf beauty care products, buy 1 get 1 free, so that you can pet your mommy without being soft.

        Recently, the epidemic situation is severe. From now on to May 3, A. Mart has specially prepared the "filial piety" epidemic prevention intimate project ", inviting consumers to easily serve mommy at home with simple ingredients or group purchased cooked food tamping products, and use the famous dessert sold exclusively by A. Mart as dessert to easily create a perfect meal. The contents of the project include: jiayilin smart casserole fish meat gift box, Heqiu chopped pepper braised rolls, American tender shoulder Big Mac steak, Ernst & Young Hokkaido raw scallop, New Taipei gift shop "zhenyixuan" exclusively sold by A. mart and super popular cute star "Chai Yulu" jointly launched a comprehensive taro snow burning gift box, Tainan irette comprehensive pudding gift box... Even if you are at home to prevent epidemic, you can also help your mother celebrate Mother's day.


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