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12.2020 Welfare

Special offer of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei / Xu Peirong
        The challenging year 2020 is coming to an end. I believe everyone can't wait to welcome the new year together with employees, family and friends! From now on to March 31, 2021, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, has launched the "golden bull news" special offer of spring wine with super value. In the banquet hall and private box of each restaurant, you can have a happy dinner at the end of the new year. From now on to November 30, you can sign a contract to pay a deposit and enjoy a 10% free early bird discount!

        In addition to the rich and exquisite cuisine designed by the international culinary team, the project also provides unlimited drinks of juice, Taiwan beer, stage equipment, various colorful decorations and party props. If you book more than 6 tables, you can also get a gift, including hotel meal voucher and top class guest room accommodation. The highest value is 22800 yuan, which can be used for the lottery activity that employees expect most from the company's tail tooth spring wine. Everything goes smoothly in the new year.

        Each restaurant provides three groups of projects to choose from, including fruit juice drinks and special red wine. The drinks are delicious and the guests are happy. The dishes recommended by Xianggong Cantonese restaurant include baked prawns with King's prawns in high soup, chicken soup stewed with mushrooms of small scallops in Hokkaido. Shanghai zuiyue tower can enjoy authentic Shanghai style delicacies, such as steamed tiger spot in hometown, dried scallops with x.o sauce and Jinsha shrimp. It is the first choice for festivals and gatherings in relaxed atmosphere! In addition, the unique landscape space of the hotel, such as Marco Polo lounge and top floor swimming pool, can provide a panoramic view of Taipei 101 and the magnificent urban landscape, which is suitable for year-end VIP parties and private parties. Wu Jiaying, director of the marketing and Public Relations Department of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Taipei Far Eastern Group, said, "the hotel has a number of banquet halls and multiple restaurants for different business groups to choose from, which can be flexibly used in both national cuisine and space. At present, there are quite a number of banquet halls and dining room box bookings. Nearly 80% of the seats have been reserved before the lunar new year. "

        Reservation will be accepted from now on. For details, please contact (02) 2378-8888 and transfer to banquet business department or restaurants.

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