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12.2020 Welfare

The minimum service charge for the odd lot transaction in the small capital market by Oriental Securities Corporation is 1 yuan

Oriental Securities Corporation / Chen Ruiyi
        According to the statistics of the stock exchange, as of September, the number of securities investment accounts has reached 11.07 million, with a total of 20.24 million, indicating that buying stocks has become a national movement. In order to meet the demand of small investors to buy and sell small shares in the day, the stock exchange and the OTC market revised the rules for trading small and medium-sized stocks. From October 26, 109, investors can buy and sell small shares during the trading period, and the time of accepting trading orders is from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

        Many small capitalists hope that they can accumulate dividends or participate in the band Market by "saving small shares". According to Oriental Securities Corporation, the operational flexibility of intraday zero share trading is higher than that of after hours zero share trading. Investors can adjust the order price by exposing the simulated transaction price every 10 seconds. If you invest in the stocks you want in batches for a long time, the cost can be reduced and the risk can be dispersed. At the same time, the dilemma of forgetting to place an order or failing to close a deal often can be solved in the after hours zero share trading. In order to avoid the investors who earn the price difference but lose on the cost of handling fees, the Asia Securities Exchange offered a minimum of 1 yuan for electronic trading of small shares, allowing small investors to invest in small amounts and accumulate wealth.

        For details, please visit the official website of Oriental Securities Corporation: http://www.osc.com.tw 。

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