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01.2021 Honor

FET and FEIB won the "Sustainable Resilience Award"

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

        After winning the Corporate Sustainability Award, FET and FEIB won the BSI (British Standards Institution) 2020 "Sustainable Resilience Leadership Award" and "Sustainable Resilience Excellence Award" respectively on November 19. The performance of the two companies in implementing corporate social responsibility was highly recognized.


        The sustainability report of Far Eastern International Bank, named "the great way", highlighted the way to realize the sustainable operation of the combination of financial industry and social responsibility. President Thomas Chou stressed that FEIB takes the core financial expertise to promote social progress, and lists the pursuit of financial innovation, the construction of information security system and green finance as a sustainable major issue. It sets goals and regularly evaluates the objectives, and aims to inject development momentum into the developing financial technology and green energy industry.


        In addition, FET has become the first telecom operator in Taiwan to win the  "Sustainable Resilience Leadership Award" of BSI (British Standards Institution) through deep cultivation of environmental sustainability and social co-prosperity, highlighting that FET is a resilient business organization in the context of climate change, geopolitics, natural disasters and COVID-19.

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