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11.2021 Group Briefing

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection joined hands with Jingjuan and Activeaging to take an oath to protect road safety

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection / Li junzhang
        The third week of Department of transport was originally scheduled to be "traffic safety week" in September every year. This year, in line with the activity theme "slow watching and stopping at intersections, pedestrians stop watching and listening" to pay attention to travel safety, the scale was expanded for the first time, and October was set as "traffic safety month". In response to the call, the Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection, together with the official guidance units - Road Safety Association and Gaogong Bureau, organized a number of road safety awareness promotion activities. On October 6, it joined hands with the "Jing Chuan child safety foundation" and the "Taiwan aging policy and Industrial Development Association (Gaofa)" and other non-governmental public welfare organizations to hold a "happy journey and joint cooperation" Dao'an public welfare press conference and jointly swear to protect road safety.

        Zhang Yongchang, President of Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection, said: "Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection hopes to contribute to the promotion of traffic safety. In the future, it will continue to promote a number of public welfare actions to improve" vulnerable individual protection services (VIPs) "for a long time With the goal of road safety, we will gradually take care of vulnerable traffic friends such as the elderly, children, bicycles and motorcyclists, and protect the safety of cross generational pedestrians. "


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