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11.2021 Welfare

Anniversary + quintuple coupon Tonia Nicole offers super discount

Far eastern apparel / Wang Jiahui
        The annual department store anniversary is coming! Tonia Nicole, la mode bedding and charisma bedding will launch the Haokang discount of 10000 yuan to 1000 yuan per day (5000 yuan to 500 yuan for some counters) from the anniversary of each department store. At the same time, in order to seize the business opportunity of five times the coupon, the brand will also offer 500 yuan for 500 yuan, or 10% of the use amount of five times the coupon. If the consumption is over 3000 yuan, it can also receive the fragrance imported from the United States. From now on to October 26, the official website will hold an anniversary celebration at the same time. It is definitely the best choice for you to save money! For details, please consult

        The joint name of Japan's first fine bone porcelain brand sold hundreds of groups in a single day during the week

        Tonia Nicole once again joined hands with Narumi, Japan's first fine bone china brand, to launch the 2021 joint model, which presents "happiness and art" with exquisite and unique bone china patterns in series with bedroom decoration design; The co branded new products this year launched two perene blue (blue / white) models, which take the flower patterns of Lily and rose as the romantic bed group, and use 100% combed cotton gauze to beat natural fiber, which is hygroscopic, breathable, skin friendly and durable, and is not easy to pill; It is tested by SGS for color fastness to washing and free of formaldehyde, toxic substances and carcinogens. Just after listing, it has created a good performance of selling hundreds of groups in a single day. In addition, the "Lucy's garden" berry bone porcelain pattern added in response to consumer praise was also re listed during the anniversary. The joint models will be launched on the anniversary. The price of a single set starts from 8980 yuan, and a pair of waterproof cleaning pads or health pillows will be given.

        In addition to the full cash offset activity, Tonia Nicole's most popular 100% Tencel Tencel bed bag series for the anniversary launched the activity of "optional 2 sets of 13000 yuan" (original price of 2 sets of 35920 yuan), strictly selected 100% lessel Tencel from Austrian Lanjing company, with a comprehensive 36 fold. The combed cotton bed set series, which is close to the people and practical, is deeply loved by the public and easy to start because of its affordable price and moisture absorption, perspiration and ventilation. Thousands of sets can be sold in a single month on the anniversary, especially the cotton quilt with dual-purpose bed bag. It can be used as a cool quilt in summer and a quilt in winter. The CP value is the highest. Two optional sets are launched on the anniversary, as long as 6980 yuan (the original price of two sets is 19920 yuan). For the part of winter quilt that must be robbed, 100% double silk winter quilt is also limited to one thing per day, as long as 3800 yuan (original price 13860 yuan), anti mite and antibacterial 3.2kg double wool is limited to 2500 yuan (original price 9360 yuan), and eks deodorization and heating is limited to 2500 yuan (original price 7560 yuan).

        Precise segment marketing to develop children's fun healing and top Silk Market

        In addition, children's fun healing is used to design la mode bedding, which is deeply loved by consumers. The anniversary also launched the "flying pony" and "funny Fox" design bed bag group. Two sets of 100% combed cotton are optional, as long as 6980 yuan (the original price of two sets is 19920 yuan). As for charisma bedding brand, which emphasizes the top materials of embroidery technology, Egypt long fiber cotton bed group series was also launched during the anniversary, starting from 22000 yuan (the original price of 2 sets is 27600 yuan). Considering that more and more consumers pay attention to sleep quality, pay attention to the meticulous touch of bedding, and even pursue healthy naked sleep, this year, they also launched a new product of "pure silk bed group" to seize the top market. Silk is strong in natural fiber, with the characteristics of moisture absorption, ventilation, warmth and lightness. The special price for the anniversary is 8 fold.


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