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12.2021 Group Briefing

Sea, land and air attack Far Eastern Group has made new achievements in green spinning

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
782B01        Affected by the epidemic, the annual event of this year's textile industry, TITAS exhibition, was changed from physical exhibition to online exhibition from November 1 to 30. Far Eastern New Century Corporation, the most popular exhibition venue, also held the 2021 product launch on November 3. This year, with the "land, sea and air attack" as the main axis, show how far eastern New Century Corporation uses new technology to make recycled polyester from second-hand old clothes, marine waste plastics, industrial waste gas and other wastes. The R & D results are not only favored by international well-known sports brands, but also become the designated supplier of Jersey materials for the Olympic Games, which is responsible for supplying 17 National Olympic teams. In the future, far eastern New Century Corporation will continue to build a green supply chain and do its best for the environment.

        782B04        Far eastern New Century Corporation launched fenc this year ® TOPGREEN ® Rtex fiber fabric recycles polyester fiber. It reproduces fabrics and second-hand clothes with much higher material complexity than Baote bottle into new polyester fiber through the processes of classification, crushing, melting, granulation and spinning, so as to solve the huge problem of second-hand clothes recycling.

        In terms of ocean recycling, the "ocean recycling yarn project" exclusively cooperated by far eastern New Century Corporation, Adidas and parley for the ocean, an NGO organization, uses patented technology to convert thousands of tons of waste plastics in the ocean into brand-new products, which are not only used in sports shoes and jerseys, but also used in daily necessities such as credit cards, shopping bags and thermos bottles, Further develop unique weaving technology to make the fabric lighter, better moisture absorption and perspiration effect, and higher tear strength of the fabric, so as to win the favor of international events. In the 2022 World Cup, 7 countries will wear battle gowns made of Shanghai Foreign recycled yarn to compete on the court.

        The success of the "ocean recycling yarn project" has inspired Far Eastern New Century Corporation to extend its waste reduction goal to the sky. In July this year, it successfully produced the world's first clothes made from waste gas from steel mills in cooperation with lanzatech, an American biotechnology company, MEG manufacturers in India and international well-known yoga clothing brands. Using unique biotechnology, the captured carbon exhaust is first converted into ethanol and finally made into fenc ® TOPGREEN ® Bio 3 pet low-carbon polyester transforms the greenhouse gases emitted by industry into brand-new textile commodities such as clothing and sports shoes, which is an excellent model for truly implementing carbon reduction.

        782B03        Far eastern New Century Corporation's green materials are not only used in clothing, but also applied to more difficult industrial fiber materials. Among them, recycled polyester is the first to be adopted by German horse tire. Moreover, far eastern New Century Corporation is also the world's largest supplier of medical grade PE / PP and PE / PET composite fibers. In the past two years, under the threat of covid-19, masks have become a necessary item for going out. However, according to statistics, 540000 tons of petrochemical waste are produced every month all over the world. Far eastern New Century Corporation is committed to the research and development of green medical materials by taking the lead in green fiber spinning. In the third quarter of this year, it successfully developed non-woven fiber raw materials for birth quality and biological decomposition masks. Regardless of hydrophilicity, skin affinity and softness, they are close to the current petrochemical fiber quality, and the used biological materials can reduce carbon by more than 50%, which can be naturally decomposed later, Very friendly to the environment.

        782B02        In addition to demonstrating the innovative technologies of Far Eastern New Century Corporation, far eastern fibertech, a subsidiary of Far Eastern New Century Corporation, also published FEFC at the development meeting ® Eco environmental protection stock solution dyeing nylon 6,6 fiber cloth and clothing. FEFC ® Nylon 6,6 products have always been famous for innovation, texture and leading development. In the development stage, the concept of friendly environment, reducing pollution and reducing the use of earth resources is introduced, and colored fabrics without dyeing process are developed, which greatly reduces the consumption of chemical dyes, additives and water resources, eliminates the treatment of dyeing wastewater, and has the effect of energy conservation and carbon reduction, It is an innovative product with high sustainability and environmental protection.


        For the green R & D achievements of Far Eastern New Century Corporation, please refer to the cover story of Far Eastern Magazine issue 374: the "reshaping" business opportunities of Far Eastern New Century Corporation in the era of net zero

        Far eastern New Century Corporation TITAS online exhibition:


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