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12.2021 Group Briefing

Champion of Pacific SOGO Department Store home cooking competition

Pacific SOGO Department Store / Li Xiuji
781B02        In response to the new life of epidemic prevention, Pacific SOGO Department store, which has long paid attention to food safety, held the "second epidemic prevention meal - Pacific SOGO Department Store home cooking competition". The finals were held at Taipei Fuxing Museum on October 24. Finally, Wu Kaijun, a catering employee, won the gold medal with "rising sun" cooking and won a bonus of 150000 yuan.

        781B01        Sophia C.W. Huang chairman of Pacific SOGO Department store and Pacific Chongguang culture and Education Foundation said that Pacific SOGO Department store has long paid attention to food safety, gave full play to its channel advantages, combined with entities and online, held the department store's first "five-star epidemic prevention meal" creative cooking competition last year, with a hit rate of 8 million people and received high attention, This year, consumers in Taiwan are again connected to promote home epidemic prevention, safe cooking and healthy diet, welcome the new life of epidemic prevention, and give full play to the functions of enterprises, so that the results of epidemic prevention competition can be extended and shared with stakeholders. The works of the award-winning vegetarian chef last year were also sold exclusively in the popular restaurants of Taipei Zhongxiao hall, Fuxing hall and Dunhua hall in the Pacific SOGO Department Store from April to September this year, setting a precedent for department stores. This year, the recipes of superior cuisine will also be transformed into the main cuisine of popular restaurants in Pacific SOGO Department store.

        In the final of the "second epidemic prevention meal - Pacific SOGO Department Store home cooking competition", 20 groups of players from all over Taiwan and across age groups "broadcast" the cooking process for 90 minutes at home, and personally send meals with complete color, flavor and flavor to the final competition of Taipei Fuxing Pavilion in Pacific SOGO Department store for evaluation. The field review is led by Pacific SOGO Department Store Sophia C.W. Huang chairman, Peng Huixian chairman of Jintian catering group, ye Shufen president of Le ble d'Or catering group, and Cai Huiling chairman of Ruikang international, a leading brand of cooking utensils. The in-house evaluation is led by the chef of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, zuiyue building of Taipei Far Eastern Group Hotel and Marco Polo Italian restaurant. The scoring items include: creativity, cooking temperature, delicacy, cooking skills, nutritional value, hygiene, skills, dish setting, etc. It is worth mentioning that Taiwan is affected by the epidemic, and more catering employees participate in epidemic prevention meals than last year. They all hope to find positive energy from the events to get the catering industry out of the downturn. After the announcement of the winning results, the gold, silver and bronze medals are also employees of the catering industry or background related to the catering industry.


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