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01.2022 Honor and Personnel Change

Far EasTone telecommunications has been selected as the highest DJSI world index constant stock for three consecutive years

Far EasTone telecommunications / Li Wanrong
        2021 "Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)" (Dow Jones Sustainability Index, DJSI) announced the evaluation results on November 13. Far EasTone telecommunications has outstanding performance in three aspects of economy, environment and Society (ESG). It has been selected as the highest level of "DJSI world (DJSI world)" sustainable stock for three consecutive years, ranking the top for the seventh consecutive year 「 The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, DJSI Emerging Markets 」 constituent stock 。 This year, far EasTone telecommunications received 10 full marks out of a total of 24 scoring items in DJSI's three major aspects of economy, environment and society, including: significance of economic aspect, network reliability, policy influence and tax policy; Environment oriented environmental disclosure, environmental policy and management system; The social disclosure, human rights, corporate citizenship and philanthropy, occupational health and safety oriented to the society highlight the performance of far EasTone telecommunications in promoting enterprise sustainability development, which has won international praise.

        "Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)" was jointly launched by S & P Dow Jones Indexes and robecosam in 1999. It is the first enterprise sustainability investment evaluation index in the world. It aims at the economy, society and environment through the corporate sustainability assessment (CSA) (ESG) three aspects to examine the risks and opportunities of enterprises in operation. Thousands of enterprises around the world are invited to conduct evaluation every year. Only the top 10% enterprises with the highest scores in the sustainability development of various industries can be selected as DJSI sustainable stock, which is one of the most credible sustainable evaluation in the world.

        Far EasTone telecommunications president Chee Ching said: "For the third time this year, it was selected into the DJSI world index sustainable stock, which is a high recognition of the performance of far EasTone telecommunications in promoting sustainability development. Far EasTone telecommunications is in line with the sustainability development objectives of the United Nations. It specifically invests in sustainability development issues such as environment, society and economy. Through participating in the evaluation, it works with the United Nations every year Step by step, review the sustainability development objectives linked to the operation to be in line with the international sustainability trend. Far EasTone telecommunications continues to implement 5g vertical applications with "big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)) and cloud technology, and actively implement the enterprise sustainability development goal together with suppliers, employees, customers and other stakeholders. "

        On the aspect of environmental sustainability, far EasTone telecommunications examines the risks and opportunities of climate change, and uses cloud technology, big data analysis, IOT and other applications in smart city, smart parking, air quality monitoring, etc. to help solve transportation, air quality and other problems; Join the climate change initiative of GSMA Association and join hands with the international mobile communication industry to reduce the impact of global climate change; This year, we joined the "Taiwan net zero emission Association" launched by Taiwan Institute for sustainable energy with domestic benchmarking enterprises to achieve carbon reduction goals internally and promote the "net zero emission" initiative externally through commitments and actions.

        In terms of social integration, far EasTone telecommunications attaches importance to talent cultivation and employee care, abides by relevant labor laws and regulations, establishes "zero workplace discrimination and sexual harassment" in accordance with international human rights issues, and establishes a friendly workplace environment. In order to enhance employees' centripetal force and sense of identity, through a two-way and creative communication mode, the president and senior executives hold an online communication conference with employees, listen to employees' needs, continuously track and implement improvement. In addition, far EasTone telecommunications has invested in social welfare with the three strategic axes of social common good, digital inclusion and environmental education, which has been highly praised by all walks of life.

        In terms of corporate governance, far EasTone telecommunications has been ranked among the top 5% in corporate governance evaluation for seven consecutive years. It actively gives full play to the advantages of "far EasTone telecommunications big data + AI + IOT" technology and telecommunications, and cooperates with strategic partners to expand new economic business. For example, in the field of Far EasTone Telecommunication farming wisdom medicine, in 2020, the first 5G remote diagnosis and treatment field in Taitung was first built in China, and the first continuous 5G medical care service in New Taipei city was implemented. At the same time, it joined hands with delta power and Microsoft to build the first 5g smart factory in China, and completed the first 5g common frequency and network cooperation with Asia Pacific Telecom. In order to deepen the connection with customers, far EasTone telecommunications cooperates with cross industry brands to build a mobile life circle, which not only creates a win-win situation, but also creates diversified sustainable value. In the future, far EasTone telecommunications will make good use of its core functions, promote sustainable strategies, implement the goal of sustainability development, give full play to its corporate influence and practice corporate social responsibility!


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