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01.2022 Honor and Personnel Change

Asia Cement Corporation (China) won the best Investor Relations Award in Greater China

Asia Cement Corporation / Yan Jialu
        Asia Cement Corporation (China) holding company, a subsidiary of Asia Cement Corporation, has a successful long-term investor relationship. It has won the award of "best investor relationship in raw material industry in Greater China" in IR magazine, the authoritative media of global investor relations, and has become the only cement company in Greater China.

        IR magazine is the authoritative publication of global investor relations established by the world-class economist magazine in 1988. It holds the selection of the best investor relations in major regions of the world every year to praise the professionals and enterprises with outstanding performance in global investor relations. Among them, the "best investor relationship in raw materials industry in Greater China" award is jointly contested by listed enterprises in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and voted by hundreds of front-line investment analysts, managers and other professional investors. Asia Cement Corporation (China) won this award, which means that international investors affirm the company's operation, strategy and investor relations services.

        Peter Hsu, vice chairman of Asia Cement Corporation (China), received the award on behalf of the company at the 2021 IR magazine Greater China online forum and award ceremony on December 9, and delivered the award speech: "Cement has coexisted with human society for more than 200 years. The company will continue to make efforts to create sustainable prosperity of the industry and society, and implement corporate governance in the face of investors and shareholders with complete and timely information disclosure."


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