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02.2022 Group Briefing

Far EasTone telecommunications established "5g meta universe accelerator" to seize business opportunities in virtual economy

Far EasTone telecommunications / Chen Xinsheng
        The issue of meta universe has aroused heated discussion in the scientific and technological circles this year, and various industries expect more from virtual technology than ever before. Far EasTone telecommunications continued to deploy innovative applications in advance. On December 21, it announced the establishment of Taiwan's first "5g meta universe accelerator" to actively form a team to create a meta universe. Far EasTone telecommunications has long been deeply engaged in the core competencies of "5g big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)), capital security, cloud, energy, vehicle economy, and has a 5g network certified as "the first in the world" by international authoritative institutions. In the future, it will call on new innovation teams to join and focus on two solutions for consumer applications and enterprise customers, Seize the business opportunities of virtual economy! The press conference specially invited many important venture capital / accelerator companies in Taiwan, such as China Development and innovation accelerator, Taiwan industrial innovation platform, Taishan investment, national innovation and entrepreneurship Association, TTA Taiwan Science and technology innovation base, sparklabs Taipei, starfab accelerator, drive catalyst, Institute for information industry smart system R & D Center and other enterprises to participate, Witness the launch of far EasTone telecommunications "5g yuan universe accelerator"!

        Far EasTone telecommunications Chee Ching president said, "as a benchmark enterprise for digital transformation, far EasTone telecommunications has long been deeply involved in big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IOT) And cloud technologies, and built the world's first 5g network, which has become an important foundation for us to invest in meta cosmic applications. Metauniverse is a 3D virtual world, just like the digital separation of the physical world. Through AR / VR and other man-machine interfaces, people can engage in social, commercial, financial, entertainment games and other activities, feel the immersive experience, and even surpass some limitations in the physical world, such as spatial distance and speed. Therefore, the virtual world must complement and integrate with the physical world. The "far EasTone telecommunications heart life" mobile life circle platform launched by far EasTone telecommunications last year will combine innovative energy from different fields to accelerate the development of application scenarios of metauniverse. It is expected that metauniverse will become a 5g "killer application"

        The rich resources of far EasTone telecommunications across the cloud, energy, audio-visual, e-commerce, Zian and other industries, as well as the strong technical team of "5g big data + AI + IOT", professional business and marketing capabilities, and far eastern group resources, will provide the energy of various development tools, systems, mentors, field verification and business transformation of the start-up team, Shorten the exploratory period of "trial and error". The start-up team can take advantage of the marketing business resources of far EasTone telecommunications to obtain the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects, gradually accumulate goodwill and jointly meet the new era of virtual economy brought by yuancosmos.

        Hu Demin, executive vice president of far EasTone telecommunications information and digital transformation technology group, said: "Meta universe has huge business opportunities. How to build a virtual space across devices, provide innovative experience for different people, form value, and then promote the virtual economy is the most critical challenge. The science and technology required is deep and wide. In order to solve the challenges of new innovation teams preparing for meta universe business opportunities, the" far EasTone telecommunications 5g meta universe accelerator "relies on "Far EasTone telecommunications heart life co creation platform" and "far EasTone telecommunications big data + AI + IOT ecosystem" are two co creation projects, which provide hundreds of expert support across "big data + AI + IOT" and cloud computing technology to help new entrepreneurs verify the business value of metauniverse as soon as possible, increase the business opportunity expansion capacity of enterprises And create enterprise applications that meet the requirements of asset security. At the same time, we will strictly select the strategic partners of new ventures, welcome the introduction of major high-quality venture capital platforms, incubators / accelerators, and look forward to the self introduction of new venture teams! "Far EasTone telecommunications 5g yuan universe accelerator" has launched docking with ecosystem partners at home and abroad to jointly help start-ups successfully expand and move towards the world. "

        "Far EasTone telecommunications 5g yuan universe accelerator" is now open to recruit new start-up teams. It has launched two co creation plans, "far EasTone telecommunications heart life co creation platform" and "far EasTone telecommunications big data + AI + IOT ecosystem", focusing on consumer applications and enterprise customer solutions. It aims to support 15 new start-up teams every year, It is expected that the preliminary review will be conducted in March 2022. The selected team will be provided with abundant resources such as business model optimization, experience optimization, technology optimization, capital security reinforcement and platform integration by far EasTone telecommunications. In the third quarter of next year, it will participate in the demo day results presentation to assist the new venture team in refining innovative services with commercial value in the shortest time, Jointly seize the business opportunities of the meta universe. "Far EasTone telecommunications 5g meta cosmic accelerator" website:

        The two co creation projects of "far EasTone telecommunications 5g meta cosmic accelerator" include:

        "Far EasTone telecommunications heart life co creation platform": it is committed to providing consumers with diversified and rich mobile digital life experience. It is expected to invite more innovative partners to join, focus on metauniverse, 5g digital life, virtual economy and other industries, improve consumers' social, work, entertainment, shopping and education experience, and become the best digital partner of consumers.

        "Far EasTone telecommunications big data + AI + IOT ecosystem": provide enterprise customers with all-round digital transformation solutions. It will focus on technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IOT), and deeply cultivate solutions in the fields of smart medicine, smart finance, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart retail and smart energy, The new start-up team will be introduced to the self owned and customer field of far EasTone telecommunications for POC (proof of concept), POS (service verification) and POB (business verification). It is expected to accelerate industrial transformation through cooperation with new venture partners.


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