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02.2022 Group Briefing

HAPPY GO point donation hits a record high for 2 consecutive years

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / Li Yizhen


    Happy go recently settled cardholder's love donation points in 2021, which not only broke the 36 million mark again, but also refreshed the record of public welfare donation points platform for two consecutive years, showing that despite the severe epidemic situation, cardholder's enthusiasm for spreading love is still unabated.

        The president of Ding & Ding Management Consultants (DDIM) Liang, Jinlin said that in May 2021, Taiwan faced with COVID-19's most serious challenges, Taiwan's public welfare organizations, which rely on fundraising, bear the brunt. Not only the disadvantaged families' economic sources were disrupted, but the rush to suspend classes also caused many physical and mental handicapped children to drop out. Happy GO, which has always had a deep partnership with public welfare groups, immediately launched a series of public welfare cooperation projects in June. During this period, it launched a public welfare activity of "Stay together with you" and invited children's artists from a number of public welfare groups to create, convey their sincere thanks to the front-line medical personnel, so as to convey positive energy to the society and arouse the echo of cardholder. In addition to points donation, HAPPY GO App also adds a channel to bind App to donate cloud receipts. Cardholder can donate receipts in addition to points donation and cash donations, injecting love to public welfare groups in different ways. Driven by a series of public welfare cooperation projects, the number of points donation in the first 10 months of 2021 has increased by about 60-70% compared with that in 2020. With the return of consumption at the end of the year and the catalysis of points expiration, cardholder’s love has erupted and made another historic new initiative. In addition to thanking cardholder for this generosity and enthusiasm on behalf of public welfare groups, cardholder is also thanked for affirming the operation and hard work of HAPPY GO on the public welfare platform with the most specific actions.

        HAPPY GO cooperated to establish a charity donation platform of "walking with you" with 9 major charity organizations including Uncle McDonald's home charity foundation, Credit Suisse children's medical foundation, the intellectually disabled people foundation, Down's disease foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, World vision, Taiwan Fund for Children and Family, Child Welfare League Foundation and United Way of Taiwan. This platform has been running for more than ten years. The Chinese New Year is coming. Cardholder is welcome to donate points, cash and receipts through HAPPY GO App and official website, so that vulnerable children can warm up for a good year.



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