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02.2022 Group Briefing

Department store associations help prevent epidemic diseases and strive for the rights and interests of members

Far Eastern Department Stores / Zheng Jiahui
789B00        The second general meeting of the eighth session of Retailers Association of Chinese Taipei was held on December 22. At the meeting, Dr. Zhu Hao, director of business development and policy R & D center of Business Development Research Institute, was invited to give a keynote speech on "new thinking for low-carbon transformation of net zero emission department stores".

        789B01        In his speech, Nancy Hsu, President of the Department Store Association, said that the epidemic was severe in the first half of 2021. Everyone stuck to their posts and spent a hard time. After the issuance of five times of revitalization coupons, the performance of the department store industry gradually improved. Retailers Association of Chinese Taipei will continue to act as a bridge to communicate with the government and promote various epidemic prevention and revitalization programs. In addition, the number of annual excellent employees and department store associations visiting abroad will also be increased from one to two to encourage excellent employees.

        Wang Minglun, the new secretary general of the Department Store Association, reported that the Department Store Association did its best to fulfill its responsibilities and services to its members during the epidemic. Last year, in addition to nearly 50 communications with the government on epidemic prevention, relief and revitalization, the frequency was a record over the years. From March 6, masks were distributed to member companies every week and continued to compete for water Electricity and marketing activities. In terms of organizing retail conferences, they regularly participate in the video activities of the Asian retail Alliance (fapra) and the selection of retail awards.

        At the same time, 11 "excellent employees" in 2020 were awarded, while the "retail innovation excellence award" was won by the "management innovation productivity improvement plan" of Far Eastern Department stores. The chairman of Nancy Hsu personally presented the award to Liu Yiting, senior vice president of the management department of Far Eastern Department stores, Affirm that far Eastern Department Stores improves employee productivity and drives innovation excellence in the retail industry through management innovation. Liu Yiting, senior vice president, said that far Eastern Department Stores began to promote the optimization work in 2015 and launched 65 sets of management systems. With the help of front and back colleagues, its performance soared against the wind. In addition, Mr. Zhang zhewei of the customer service office of Taichung City Far Eastern Department stores was awarded "excellent employee model" for effectively reforming the operation process, reducing the overtime hours of colleagues, designing the return mechanism for closing the store, friendly elevator and other services.


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