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02.2022 Group Briefing

"Thank you for having you, let love move forward" Far Eastern Memorial Hospital held Christmas care activities

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital / Qiu Anqi
        On December 20, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital held the Christmas care activity of "thank you for having you, let love move forward". Three donor representatives were specially invited to the scene. They donated 2.1 million, 1 million and an ambulance respectively. The donors agreed that they were grateful for the medical assistance of Far Eastern Memorial hospital in the past, Now we express our gratitude with practical actions, hoping to help more patients in need.

        There is also a "hand-made goods charity sale" booth at the event site. This is to thank the patients and their families for their care and treatment. They will donate their hand-made goods for charity sale before the event. All the proceeds will be donated to the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital social welfare fund to help more people. At the same time, they are also invited to respond together, Symbolizing the cycle of good.

        At the end of the activity, the family members of patients with dementia sang their own song "it's good to have you". In the melodious song, they expressed their gratitude to the staff of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and wished everyone a happy Christmas.

        In addition, in order to create a festive atmosphere, various departments of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital also held relevant activities or arrangements. Among them, obstetrics and Gynecology delivery room nurses dressed up the lovely babies as lovely, symbolizing that each baby is the warmest Christmas gift for parents. In addition, the New Taipei congregation is grateful that this year's doctors and nurses are fully committed to the anti epidemic action. They haven't rested all day and can't even drink water. In particular, they send warm coffee on Christmas Eve to cheer up the doctors and nurses.

        Dr. Chiu, Dean of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Kuanming, expressed his gratitude to all of you who have continuously supported Far Eastern Memorial Hospital for a long time, and thanked you for your generosity and benefiting our patients. At the same time, due to the kindness of all walks of life and the spontaneous celebration of colleagues in the hospital, the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in December is more warm and moving, shining brightly in the cold winter of the epidemic.


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