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06.2022 Group Briefing

The 9th "Far Eastern big city shopping malls" at mumi Xinguang Avenue opened warmly

Far eastern big city shopping malls / liuxinyou
        The 9th big city far eastern big city shopping malls "Mommy Xinguang Avenue" started singing on Mother's day on May 8. This year, for the first time, a family parent-child registration method was adopted. A total of 15 groups of family members accompanied their mothers to participate, including: young mommies paired with drummers' sons, good singers' husbands and wives singing classic love songs in pairs, plus gorgeous stage walks, as well as mothers and daughters with inherited good voices, practicing difficult songs on the same stage for one year... Etc. The whole family of many contestants went out to cheer their mummy up. The atmosphere was very warm. Finally, the mummy who had been singing "butterfly dream" with her husband for more than 25 years won the first prize and won the prize ntd6000.


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